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Sunday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 20-May-2001  15:26:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I'm back! After a very pleasant week swimming with whale sharks and SCUBA diving in Exmouth, Western Australia.. well, I'm tired to be honest. :) I'm sunburned, I ache in muscles I didn't know I had before, I have a whopping bruise on my arm from smacking into the back of the boat in full SCUBA gear at one point (gotta love those big swells) and I have bad "sea legs", so walking around I feel like the room is gently rocking back and forth. However, I do feel recharged and refreshed, quite a bit less stressed-out than I was before heading off. Hopefully my photos came out well - if so I'll put some up on the news page.

Thanks to Alchemy and Manaz for handling the news side of things while I was away! Looking forward to going back through the news archive and catching up - after I've polished off the several hundred emails waiting for me, that is.. :)

A mystery Aussie won 54 million dollars in a British lottery on Monday, thanks Brian.

I haven't read it in detail, but Manaz sent in the link to this article on organic LED's, which seem to be the Next Big Thing in display technology. You might want to also read this one which is linked from and seems to precede the other.

9mm mentioned this Sony PC that records TV shows.. more info here.

He also points out a file-sharing system that's perhaps less legally problematic than Napster, created by RealNetworks.

Speaking of which, Tech-Report have an editorial about some issues behind music-sharing programs.

If you missed the whole GeForce3 launch media extravaganza, System-Logic have updated their guide which links to a few explanatory articles and examines pretty much all the cards out there at the moment.. that should get you up to speed.

In a bizarre accident involving a time-machine and a HTML editor, TechnoYard have a comparo of Slot1 Celeron Coolers.. I think the best way to cool a 333MHz-or-below Celeron these days is to take it out of your PC and use it as a paperweight. Having said that tho, this entire website is powered by a couple of PPGA Celeron 366's at 550MHz, so I shouldn't be too harsh.

OCShoot added some new coolers to their cooler guide. If you're after more comparative info check out the CaseJunkiez CoolerBase or some of the comparos in the "Air Cooling" section of our Archive - the most recent being a 21-way SocketA Cooler Roundup.

Plenty of news still to come, more in a bit..

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