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Tuesday Midday (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 22-May-2001  11:36:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Anyone else out there on Primus ADSL finding it slow over the last couple of days?

There's also a fair bit of grumpy mail about the (sudden?) appearance of a transparent FTP proxy on the Optus@Home service. A lot of it is unrepeatable here :) but rest assured if you're having trouble FTP'ing from O@H, it's not just you. Hopefully Optus are rethinking their config now and will change/fix it soon.

More E3 coverage - here on TheTechZone (and as usual, they devote a disproportionate amount of their article to booth babe pics :) ) here on 3DRetreat and here on Max3D. IPKonfig drop the pretense completely and have an article devoted solely to the booth babes. I have to say, that was one aspect sorely lacking from the Sydney PC Show.

VyW reviewed the SkyHawks Eagle aluminium case. It's got a different faceplate but otherwise seems very similar to the SkyHawks ATX4388+C I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Their feelings are similar to mine.

Hardware-One have a shootout between 5 ELSA video cards..

Normally we don't link to vendor stuff (gotta maintain our impartiality, o'course), but this is newsworthy - an Oz company offering pre-orders on a dual palomino workstation? Fad and VooDoo pointed this one out almost simultaneously..

Digit-Life have an article on how data-storage on HDD's works.

TheHeatsinkGuide have some musings on using peltiers.. click the top link on that page, it's a framed site, grr.

Alchemy points out this amazing screenshot from the still-upcoming "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" game.

I added a local mirror of N-Bench here if you're having trouble getting it.

Shinglor says, re: Soltek SL-75KAV-X: The bus ratio select (JP17) is not undocumented, it says on Page 20 of the manual right next to where it tells you the DIP settings for various multipliers.. okey dokey. UPDATE: Ahh, Mike and Pooky both pointed out there are (at least) 2 revisions of the manual, one with jumper listed and one without. Well, we can all sleep peacefully now. :)

Cybercooler P5500 socket cooler on BlargOC.. looks good, performs bad, apparently.
Multifunction Rack for hdd cooling on MikhailTech.
Mouse Skatez on CoolHardWareZ.
Elan Vital T10 case on PCStats.. they hate it.
Soltek SL-75KAV on Hexus.
Cold Cathode case light kit on PCPowerZone.

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