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Exploding CD's! (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 29-May-2001  00:03:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

This from Robotmort:

A software explosion indeed. I recently picked up a copy of Redhat 7.1 from a cover CD from a certain Aus. computer mag.

You beauty I thought, time to test how much of a geek I am.... So I chucked the disc into my 52X CD ROM and things were going well until about 20 minutes into the install a loud crash came from the drive. The obligatory WTF ensued and the install progress indicator stopped. I tried to open the tray but Linux had locked it, forcing a reboot to unlock it. I was particularly annoyed as I had just spent the previous 45 min sifting through the stuff I did not want to install.

click to enlarge..

You can see from the photo what had happended to the CD. Some of it rode out on the tray but most of the debri had collected inside the drive.

I used the highly technical and skillfull method of shaking the open drive around to get the remains out. Heh is was quicker than pulling the drive apart and in any case I fully expected the laser to have been destroyed. So with everything crossed I refitted the drive and rebooted, amazingly the damn thing still worked.

I'm not sure if this is some kind of conspiricy from M$ or divine intervention from Our Lord Bill for daring to deviate from Windoze or just plain bad luck. Worst of it all I had to go buy the mag a second time just to replace the disc that exploded. So much for CD's being a safe backup medium !!

Thanks to Scatman for the pic.

We had a similar thing at work a few months ago with an NT4 CD. Halfway through the install there was a loud bang, the machine froze and bits of broken CD had to be shaken out of the drive. Very weird - anyone got any theories? Let me know.

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