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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 31-May-2001  19:03:04 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

QGL is this weekend. Two solid days of cs lan action. Looks pretty damn good. I must give a big thanks to wildfire who has sent me 3 emails with at least 10 suggestions for ridding half-life of bad surface extents messages. Thanks alot for that :)

OCWorkbench have a pretty inconclusive photo of Intel's latest i845 board, a DDR/SDR platform for the P4 (?) on their news page (scroll down). You need to use a bit of imagination to figure out that it's sort of a top-on 3/4 view of the board.. but look at all the space around the socket!

Icrontic have checked out a $950USD set of computer speakers - the eminent lft-11's. Pretty damn hardcore, four speakers (not center channel which is a bit suprising for the price) and two amps.

Hmm, just as DDR is getting bedded down electic have info about Infineon and Micron developing a new type of DRAM. Unlike DDR ram where the goal was to increase bandwith, the idea of this RAM is to reduce latency, hence the name RS DRAM.

Incrontic have updated their KT133 faq.. bit of a big update with over 75 new sections, most notable being info on that wcpset fix to lower idle temps for a7v boards. Just what I was looking for!

IANAG have a "exclusive" athlon benchmark up - a Sandra CPU jobbie. Odd how a pair of P3's have beaten it at ALU. And how the Athlons are only at 1.08GHz.. I thought palomino's came much higher than that. Hmm. Lots of salt with this one.

Manaz pointed out this site that makes sandblasted plexi glass windows.. as apposed to stick-on appliques. Benefit of sand blasting is that it looks better and can be personalised easier. I can't really see the difference in their example tho, so hrrrm. Unless it's just the bottom left sharp hook-lookin thing that's been sandblasted, in which case I can, and it looks alright.

One of GideonTech's aussie readers has written up a guide to how he overclocked his socket-a AMD cpu without changing any settings on his motherboard. If you're crafty enough you can change the mult and cpu voltage on the cpu's bridges. Of course, FSB overclocking isn't possible, but it's still nifty nonetheless - especially for people that got their mobo before they got their overclocking obsession.

Agg sent in this article on how to change the LED in your floppy drive to a new one. In this case one of those hi-intesity blue jobbies. Well and good. Note it's hosted at alchemyzone.com? heh. rad.

Anandtech has reviewed another set of hardcore computer/gaming speakers - this time the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1's. As the name suggests, they are a 2.1 2 sattelite/1 sub system. These ones are also THX auth-ed, which means they are good. Lucasfilm/Star wars good.

Tech-Report has an in-depth look at the real world performance benefits of IDE raid. Lots of mobo's with IDE RAID ports nowadays, more people using IDE RAID as well.. but not as many as you'd think.

ClubOC is giving away a 256Mb Infineon-chipped stick of PC133 CL=2 memory. Sure, ram prices nowadays are cheap - but it's not free. Yet. HEH. I live in hope.

3DSpotlight have a pretty handy article up comparing the performance difference between all the new det drivers. The official 6.50's go up against some 7.x's and some 1x.x's. Good to see which ones are more "beta" than the others.

TheTechZone has reviewed an AMK 19" ATX case. They reckon it's AlienWare. I'm not sure why. But it's big.

Finally tonight, FutureLooks have a guide to building the ultimate entertainment PC. I generally don't like guides on how to build PCs, I prefer to read all the reviews of hardware on my shortlist and make my own mind up. That's also what I generally tell people who ask me should-I-buy-this? If you make your own mind up you'll be alot happier I'm sure. But anyway, that link is for the lazy. Enjoy, and stop buggin me!

Tt VolcanoII on PhearFactory.UK
Vantec FCE 6030D hs/f on ExtremeOC.
FrontX Multimedia Ports on SystemLogic, our review here.

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