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Sunday Morning (early) (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 1-July-2001  02:00:07 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Well, my computer is fixed, and exams are over so I should be back to regular news updates from now on. A big thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in the forums... sadly, none of you came close - the problem seems to of been a faulty CPU, as replacing the CPU today fixed all the problems instantly - even the problems I was having with the Vortex2 sound card. I've never really heard of a dud CPU (it was a AMCA Duron 750, blue core btw).. so it was pretty much the last thing I would of suspected. Oh well, all is fixed now.. and I'm pretty happy about it. Biiig thanks to everyone that emailed me suggestions and to everyone that posted in the forum thread as well.. it was a great help. Also, special thanks to VooDoo from Computer Alliance and Jab from Realtime Systems for the extra measures they went to in helping me with the warranty/troubleshooting process.

The news of an official Linux distro for the PS2 console seems to of spurred a Czech company into producing one for the original PSX console based on the 2.4.x kernel. GNU license too, so it's available to all. I doubt that the distro/PSX will have support for usefull things like hard drives and lan cards tho, so it probably won't allow you to turn your old console into a firewall or something like that, as Lokturne suggested.

MikhailTech have finished part 3 of their overclocking guide - and this section focuses on case cooling with respect to low noise levels. They often seem to be contradictory terms of late (want cool case? need loud fan), so it's good to see someone tackle the issue.

AMDmb has reviewed the IWill KD266, an ALi based uATX all-in-one mobo for the socket-a platform. They reckon it's pretty decent, if an integrated system is what you're after. I'm sure none of you (directly) are shopping for integrated systems, but for family+friends who only want to word process an integrated Duron systems makes a blazing fast system thats easy on the budget and has the potential to take up very little desk space.

OCmod send word that they've added a CaseMod FAQ to their site. Would be a good place to visit if you're new to case modding and want to know answers to some pretty simple questions. Incidently, if you're dead keen on case modding remember CaseJunkiez is still slogging along.

Digit-Life have reviewed the Hercules 4000XT, a Kyro1-based card with 32mb of RAM. They're not a bad card and will pretty easily out perform a GF2MX400 card whilst being easier on the pocket.. they come in at about $200 on the Australian market. A nice bit of eye candy with all the cooling gear on the card as well.

OC Mojo have broken out the screwdriver and ripped the new Gameboy Advance to bits to show you how it works.. they're a pretty trick bit of gear as well, good for killing time on long train trips and that sort of thing.

I'm sure a lot of you are familar with the component company PC Chips.. they are commonly known for integrated motherboards that are often produced to a price point (and a rather low one at that). Well, according to RojakPot they might be releasing a palm clone, except not. Comming in at a tasty US$30 the device comes with a rather inferior "MiniOS", but it's entirely possible to flash upgrade the ROM to PalmOS (illegally of course). Might be pretty cool, if it happens at all.

GideonTech is up to part 2 of their lan case project, the part where they rice the case up to impress everyone in case their gaming isn't impressive enough on it's on. Looks good, if a little out of most peoples budget (Lian-Li).

Electic has more talk of the PC becomming some central home information server thingy. Remember all that talk of thin clients? Heh.. I don't really see it happening, altho it is now possible to get 'net-enabled fridges in au..

OCTools, the crazy fluronert guys have a guide to getting the most out of your old TNT2 card. In my humble opinion the best thing to do with your TNT2 card is to sell it and buy one of the current crop of low-cost-high-performance graphics cards. Some people just can't let go tho, so I 'spose this is for them.

Hmm, seems that a quiet PC trend might be catching on. OCShoot has a article about a system they built on the quiet (heh), and it turned out to be pretty succesfull to boot. Pretty decent, and in my opinion good to see, good to (not) hear.

Abit KT7A on BSOD.
A7V133-C (A7V133 without RAID) on ocNZ.
Thermalright SK-6 on 2FastCPU.
Cirque Internet Touch Pad on Radeonic.
MiSEL MJ-3000R CD/MP3 player on AllTechBox.
GlobalWin Heatsinks on CoolHardWarez.

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