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Tuesday Morning.. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 3-July-2001  02:39:08 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm, 2.20am, Counter-Strike servers are starting to empty out, I still don't feel like sleeping, even tho I've got to be up at 6.30. Newwwws time~!

Moleman from lostuniverse.org pointed out to me on ICQ that Enermax now make cases in addition to pretty decent PSU's. Colored shiny aluminum cases in fact.. don't look to bad either.

The TechZone has taken a look at an Abit Siluro T400, a 64Mb MX400-based card with TV-out. Funnily enough, it's the much older Kyro1 that seems to be winning the budget performance stakes at the moment.. it's also a lot easier on your wallet. Lacks TV-Out tho, which for some is a bit of a killer.

Draffa pointed out that DoD 1.3 is finally out. DoD makes for a good alternative to CS, and it's not a bad game in it's own right either. Ausgamers have a mirror of it as well.

Intel just wound up the heat on AMD another notch, with the release of the P4 1.8GHz processor, reviewed on Anandtech. On it's release one of the main forecasts was that as clock speed ramped up the processor would (forseeably) become a lot more competitive. 1,800MHz is sure a lot of clock cycles.

Yet another stupid auction (YASA?) over on sold.com - someone is auctioning off a deed to 117 acres on the moon. The better educated among us will know that international treaties prevent anyone from owning the moon, so all you're buying is a peice of paper with silly fonts on it along with your name on a website. Thanks Rick :)

elvis pointed out a really usefull aussie price watch search engine thingo - razorprices.com.. good for finding the cheapest price on all sorts of computer hardware from online aussie retailers. Pretty swish interface as well - good work to whoever made the site.

The case ricing, err, modding, phenomenon seems to be getting bigger and bigger.. bit-tech.uk have checked out a LED chaser thing-o.. not sure why you'd want to spend the money tho.. I mean, unless you've already got a 1.44GHz Athlon, GF3, Lots and Lots of DDR, a DVD-RW, Plasma Screen.. list goes on :)

Arasta pointed out this article on ninemsn that talks about Telstra unbundling the local loop.. not too sure of what it means, but I'm sure there will be bungles (ha ha ha).

As expected, the "Palm Clone" that was on RojakPot the other day is definitely too good to be true.. Greg points out that he obviously misread a few things..
... The device turns out to be Elitegroup's device, and Adrian's informant appears to have read a garbled translation of the original 51Digi.com article. So, 'EPD 30' becomes 'USD 30' - ie. 30 US Dollars. And 'Mine OS' becomes the PC-Chips' device's 'MiniOS'. Somewhere along the line the EPD 30's 4MB of RAM has become 8MB, which is what Adrian's source says the PDA will contain. Adrian tells us there's nothing about the device on PC-Chips' Web site... heh.. oh dear.

The Guru of 3D has visited the creative factory in Ireland and taken a few photos of the production line. HEH.. easy on the irish jokes.. hmm, nah.. Why did God invent whiskey? So the Irish would never rule the world..

Antec EasyUSB kit on MikhailTech.
Thermosonic ThermoEngine on PC-Critic.

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