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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-July-2001  00:43:36 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Today seems to be one of those days where everything is slotting into place.. spent a bit of time quietening down my PC - now it's almost as silent as my linux firewall. Excellllllent. Even WinAmp is picking out the songs I like best. Woooo.

If you're looking for a review of a certain computer-type product IANAG is out to help, they're slowly but surely building up a review database. Now I have somewhere to tell people to go to (apart from the obvious..) when they ask me where reviews are.

Komson sent in a probably one of the most simply worded yet gobsmackingly effective email's I've seen in a while.. Dear sir, I just overclocking AXIA 1 GHz Thunderbird.It can do through 1723 MHz@2.4 volts. I use supercooler and do thermal acceleration. The entire result is here.. off you go then :)

Extreme Overclocking have their montly heatsink roundup out for the month of July. New to the fort this month is the Tt Dragon Orb 3.. there's also a new Volcano Tt heatsink due out soon (not in above review) featuring a copper insert and a 7,000rpm fan. Might be one to look out for. Cheers to Dean from PCCA for the headsup.

For anyone who owns a laptop this might be an interesting one.. Futurelooks have reviewed a peice of software called Computrace that embeds itself in your hard drive and alerts a central security server of your laptops presence, should it ever go missing. Cool.. altho there are a few technical difficulties in it. Low level hard drive format? Bye bye software. Laptop surfaces in Russia? Good for the laptop. Bad for you.

Dogg points out some more of those stupidly amusing guides to doing simple computer tasks.. Text isn't in English, but the pictures tell all the story. Removing your video card and Defragging your HDD.

ProCooling have taken a really decent look at the Tyan Thunder K7.. the writer actually purchased the board for his own personal use through the normal retail channels, and is obviously pretty chuffed with his new bit of gear. It's probably one of the best reviews I've seen of the board/platform.. not as sterile as others have been. They also cover overclocking on the board, but in the manual change-the-mult-via-the-L3-bridges method. Still isn't a world first review tho.. ;)

Finally, HardOCP has been over at the CPL judging the case mod event. Seems the event is living up to it's professional title, as the case mods are first class. A yellow beast with car-show quality presentation took out the crown, followed by the lighting extraganza case we linked to on the HardForum the other day with a microwave case coming in third.

IWill DVD-266R DDR SMP P3 board on Hexus.
GlobalWin LAC08 hs/f on Bit-Tech.
Soyo K7ADA on IANAG.
AVC Soul Player MP3 CD player on The TechZone.
Thermosonic ThermoEngine on Tech Planet.
GlobalWin WBK38 on OCtools.
Front Blowhole HowTo on CoolHardWarez.

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