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Friday Midday (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-July-2001  12:49:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Aust Govt has proposed yet another ludicrous Bill demonstrating its limited understanding of the Internet industry in Australia. This whole "Cyber Terrorist" thing strikes me as such a scapegoat.

A few interesting new goodies appearing on AkibaPC. Among other things: Tualatin CPU's and motherboards, USB2 to IDE converter, a Lian-Li case with a factory window kit or "clear panel" as they call it.. saves you attacking yours with a dremel, I guess.

TheReg note that AMD updated their CPU roadmap.. interesting stuff, including a server version of the Duron line? Weird.

A couple of cool ideas in Splog2's custom case, removable tray, air duct over the CPU etc, nice work.

Dan has updated his review of the InfiniPro watercooling gear to include their new pump.. not a lot better than their old one. Whoopty, as they say, doo.

Bit-Tech have an article about CPU cooling.. they take a look at water-cooling and see if it's worthwhile. There's a lot of watercooling stuff in our archive if you're after more info.

Tech-Report reckon that Napster is dead and it ain't never comin' back.

Seems some Cyrix cpu's (old ones) won't work with Office/WindowsXP.

OCWB have pics of a Morgan (new Duron) 950MHz and Celeron 900Mhz engineering samples.

Apparently Scully is leaving the X-Files. Well, [rant] that won't bother me at all, because the X-Files is rubbish these days anyway. Enough with the stupid alien invasion, government conspiracy bollocks, bring back fluke man and the fat vampire and other cool single-episode plots. A couple of weeks ago I got 3 minutes into an episode before Krycheck began spouting about "human replacements for the alien invasion" and off went the TV.. [/rant]

Mouse Bungee on OCClub - our review here.
RomTech Trios HDD selector on HotHardware.
CompuNurse thermal probe on GideonTech.

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