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Saturday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 7-July-2001  14:23:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Akiba have a review of the Palomino (AthlonMP, Athlon4) processor, comparing it to the Thunderbird (current Athlon). It's in Japanese of course, but use the magic fish and you'll be right. I tried to make a ready-to-read English babelfished link for you but it didn't work, any pointers from experienced fish-handlers appreciated. ClubOC have a review (with overclocking) of the 1.2GHz AthlonMP too. To see them in SMP action check out our in-depth preview of the Tyan Thunder K7 mobo with 2 Palomino's on board.

Pull up the comfy chair and dig into Digit-Life's 35-way i815 motherboard roundup.

Boney's system is pretty cool, nothing too unusual but a fair bit of work and a good result overall.

There's a petition to get more driver support for 3DFX cards.

There's been some weird stuff happening in the US stockmarket with AMD shares, according to this story and the 2 below it on IANAG, thanks Imitation.. more info here on Electic.

Holy flaming apples, Macman!

Xbit have a guide to voltage tweaking and extreme overclocking of your GeForce3.. I reckon you'd have to be brave AND greedy to be attacking a GF3 with a soldering iron.

Moddingzone have detailed their latest case-mod project.. some serious hacking going on there, nice finished system.

Dell finished their AMD survey and made a decision about whether to use AMD chips in their systems..

FrontX Multimedia Ports on Radeonic.. our review here.
Samsung 170MP 17" TFT screen on PCStats.
Samsung SyncMaster 171MP and 770TFT LCD monitors on HWExtreme.
Geargrip CRT monitor-carrystrap on OCOpolis.

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