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Monday Arvo (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 9-July-2001  14:04:18 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm, the pains of procrastination. Left news alone last night because there wasnt much of it (and because it was too cold to type - 3deg!!) and now there is heaps. Oh well, here it comes :)

Shanib points out more info about the PS2 crossing over into the realm of the PC with the release of a 40gb IDE hard drive, LCD Screen, Network Adaptor and other goodies for the system. There already exists a keyboard/mouse combo, and no doubt more is comming. Sharp readers will note that a Linux developer kit for the PS2 was released in Japan a few weeks ago and featured the HDD and NIC, so it's not an entireley new concept. You can read more here (in Japanese), with pics here thanks to Mike.

ClubOC have some cool, no REALLY cool (their caps, not mine) case lighting things in review. Just a normal neon and some of that glowire stuff that CaseJunkiez had a go out a while ago.

Umm, apparently Virtual-Hideout were down. No one told me. But they did tell me that they are back, so now you know, thanks to Mako.

Slautech are going through the watercooling grind. What waterblock to use, what radiator to use, what coolant to use, how to mount it, all that stuff. Good to read if you're thinking about water cooling and want to find out how to do it, and do it well.

IQHardware are giving away the CoolerMaster case that they reviewed yesterday. Pretty spiffy looking aliminium case too. Thing is, it's in German.. but they will ship anywhere across the world. Hate to think of postage tho.. owch.

Alpha wrote in to say that he's seen PC2400 DDR memory around a few places, and that it might be starting to become common. Realtime was probably the first place in aus I know to start selling the stuff.. For those that don't know, those DDR numbers used for specifying ram speed are basically the clock speed it runs at (133mhz ddr in PC2100's case) multiplied by 16. It's the maximum burst transfer rate, or something like that. Big numbers for big boxes. It means that PC2400 ram is effectivley DDR PC150 memory, so good for FSB overclocking.

GideonTech have added 20 new case mods to their case mod gallery. This gives me the perfect oppurtunity to pimp the PCDB which is going strong at a tad under 1800 entries. Incidently with the numbers, in the short time that the forums have been reopened we've reached over 2,500 members.. thats pretty damn impressive. In case you missed it, we reached the first 1,200 in the first 24hrs! Go forums!

Regular readers might remember an iPanel-type thing that I posted a while back.. but instead of monitoring temperatures, it monitored activity on the PCI bus and other bandwidth-info stuff like that. Well, a German Site, Hardware-Test has reviewed it, and in english too (scroll down to the 2nd half of the page for the English version). Wonder how long until it makes it to aus.. looks pretty neat.

I'm not sure if this has been posted before or not, but last night I found a guide to modifying your GF2MX for better image quality. Only for the slight of hand mind you, despite the low price of GF2MX's we still don't want you turning them into wall hangings.

Digit-Life have their June 2001 Storage Digest up.. and I think the thing to take from this month is the incredibly low prices on hard drives.. I mean, $220 for a 7,200rpm 30Gb seems to be about the (low price) norm.. which is just insane. I've got two of them ;)

Michael sends word that that a new BIOS (v8.1) is now out for the Soltek SL75-KAV meaning the board now supports palomino and morgan based processors. Incidently, those Soltek boards are not half bad if you're looking for a cheap duron based system.

Finally today, a review of the black-in-a-wooden-box GF3 card from 3DPower, the guys some said were about to re-release old 3dfx technology.

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