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Tuesday Midday #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 10-July-2001  12:36:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

This news post is from Alchemy, even though it's appearing under my (Agg's) name. It's a long story. :)

Don't you love it when you get woken up by a phone call. A phone call asking if you can come into work. I don't, if you do you're strange. On a different note, I got lots of people correcting me about spelling, comprehension and other errors in yesterdays post. Admitently, I was in a bit of a rush. Apparently too much of a rush.. I'll take it easy today. Thanks for all the corrections tho, if you don't correct me I'll never find out..

Guru3D sends word that their GeForce Tweak Utility has now been released in version 3.04 form. New to the fold is a "profile manager", which will let you go from easy-she-goes to yah mule. Or from default to overclocked, if you don't follow my western movie terminology.

Bit-Tech is having a giveaway that alot of you might actually be keen on entering.. they're giving away one of those CyrstalFonz LCD Displays for case. Pretty trick peice of gear, I must admit.

Plextor are taking their hipo CD-R's to an enitrely new market - laptops. Having a superfast plex in your desktop is something special, now one in your laptop too? Aww.. they're twins. Other tech industry news on electic, AMD is teaming up with Agilent to lower production costs. Dosn't mean that they're using Articoolers tho.. just some sort of technology sharing agreement.

Looks like OCZ will be following the trend they started with GF2MX-series boards, and will be manufacturing their own series of GeForce3's. The OCZ MX's are quite a decent board, probably one of the better MX's. It's an only-in-america thing tho, as there isnt a local distributor.

Wow, this is pretty big.. OCWorkbench have some pics up of a supposed 1.1GHz "Morgan" (Palomino core) Duron. 1.1GHz is alot of clock for a budget processor, but then they they've always been good for a gig anyway ;)

More Big New Special™ stuff on akiba.. a Panasonic DVD-RAM/R drive has been released. Sort of like a DVD-RAM drive, but that can also write DVD-R's. So you can use it to make discs that can be read in normal DVD drives (DVD-R) and use it for hard-drive like storage (DVD-RAM). Very cool.

Zalman CNP series hs/f's on G3D.
Zalman CNP 500+ hs/f on Radeonic.

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