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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-July-2001  23:27:03 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Ok, I think that this takes the cake. It most definitely has to be the craziest fan I've seen in a case. Sure, there is that PVC monster, but does that do 35,000cfm? I DONT THINK SO. ahem.

All I have to say to this is HAHAHAHAHA. Microsoft is copping it hard in regards to their product activation system for WindowsXP. Before it has even been released it has been not only cracked, but decrypted as well.. meaning that it's another piece of bloatware easily disabled by anyone who knows where to look on the 'net. I wonder if MS will do a DeCSS and try to sue everyone who proves how unsecure it is by posting the methods. Dave sent in the link. If you don't want to read electic's blurb, the actual page is here.

HardOCP have tracked down one of those Expresso MicroPC's that ArsTechnica had a look at a while ago.. gives a whole new meaning to microcomputer. Think box of 10 blank CD's, then think celeron 700 using all industry standard interfaces. Pretty swish, I must admit.

Electic have a short blurb up about a new BIOS for GeForce2 GTS cards.. Yes, that is the full version number. Thats a lot of point releases to go through to get to version 4 :)

From the self proclaimed king of off-topic news items (Wokkett, duh) comes the Biblical Curse Generator.. heh, made me laugh.. Behold, thou shalt be pursued into the mountains by sex-mad baboons, O ye Amalekite dog!

deejay sent in this article over on AustralianIT.. Telstra is to face a class action against them in regards to the poor quality of their ADSL service... All I can say is about time. Not only do they have to cop a 3Gb cap now, but the mail servers are constantly down, not to mention the news server and the auth servers, and the actual service itself. Not what I call quality.

CaseJunkiez have reappeared out of the middle of nowhere with a review of the OCZ Gladiator heatsink.. a thin copper job with a turbine strapped to it that's making a decent showing for it of late. I think you can get this one in aus as well, albeit it branded as a Thermalright SK6. I think.

Guru3D have released version 1.2.1 of their Detonator Destroyer, a tool that fully uninstalls nVidia det drivers. Sounds darn cool to me, especially for comparing performance differences between different sets. They are also hosting Q3Bench Beta 2.00, a must-have if you're benchmarking performance under Quake3. It changes the screen res and color depth and all that for you and automatically runs the tests. Very handy.

I have been asked this question more recently than any other. "Should I buy a Palomino or TBird?" Well I tell you what, we put the data together and you can now answer that for yourself, but of course we are still going to give you our two cents. I've been asked it as well. Better head over to HardOCP and find out.

Fwoar, this is pretty hardcore.. EPoX have released a new BIOS revision for the 8K7A that allows a 1/5 PCI divider, taking away the PCI bottleneck in FSB overclocking.. the results? One user has achieved a 180MHz FSB. Pretty decent. I've thought for a while that Via should release a chipset that allows the user to change PCI/AGP dividiers themselves.. even if they sold it at a small price premium, I reckon OCers would still snap it up.. FSB overclocking brings a lot of fringe benefits in increased memory bandwidth.

Generic 512Mb RAM on G3D.
AVC 112BJO hs/f on FrostyTech.
Windows XP RC-1 on The TechZone.
Antec SX1030B case on Max3D.
PowerCooling PCH075 on M:6.

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