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Thursday Midday (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 12-July-2001  12:14:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

People are reporting better scores in the Reflex Tester thing from yesterday by clicking Start, then holding down Stop until the colour changes, THEN releasing the mouse button. Is this cheating? Maybe. If you do it in the Geek Olympics you're risking a lifetime ban. Anyway, stop sending me your high scores! Especially the 5MB .bmp screenshots. Go brag in this forum thread (or this one) if you must, but be aware the current record is pretty low. :)

Mmm, gotta get me one of these tshirts. Speaking of which, I know I said the OCAU tshirts would be on sale this month and they probably will, but I'm busy with other stuff right at the moment.. keep an eye on the news page (you're looking at it now). When the magic ponytail reappears, shirts will be back on sale. Should have some case badges soon too. We're also going to have a kickass giveaway soon to celebrate OCAU's 2nd birthday.. some SERIOUS prizes happening if all goes to plan.

Wokket's been watching the X-Files too much.. unless this Microsoft Conspiracy stuff really is true. You can wade through the instructions yourself, but it may just be a complicated way of someone getting you to trash your system by deleting important stuff. :)

Here's a funny (long) article on the evolution of a Linux user, thanks Michael.

Min points out someone taking their AMD Fanboy status a little too far.. with an LED Logo thingy.

Apparently Intel are having problems with the 2MB P3 Xeon chip.

OCOpolis compare a couple of fan adapters.. we checked some out a little while ago here.

Digit-Life have their monthly mobile roundup posted.. some interesting gadgets there.

Interesting article about yet-another-napster-clone here, thanks Christian.

ABIT Siluro MX400 video card on BlueSmoke.
IBM 60GXP 40GB IDE HDD on TweakTown.
Serial LCD on BlargOC.
QuietPC 300W PSU on Bit-Tech.
Molex 371660003 Silent Heatsink (never heard of a noisy heatsink..) on FrostyTech.

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