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Early Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-July-2001  02:21:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dean let me know he's updated the Team OCAU Folding@Home page with a new scheme.. check it out, very nice new logo. However, the stats show that we're being whipped by AusGamers! If you've got idle CPU cycles then sign up and help find cures for diseases and other cool stuff.. it's a holy grail of modern molecular biophysics, apparently. And we're being beaten by AusGamers.

Interesting Korean waterblock appeared in the forums..

IRC network efnet, similar to but much larger than the oz.org network we use for our own IRC channel, has been crippled by a sustained series of DDoS attacks on their core servers - in the order of 3GB/sec. Not cool. I don't understand why people destroy things that are given to them for free. More info from Ben: This site shows current server status.. someone's seen the funny side.

Senfu, famous for their watercooling gear (that we checked out here, here and here), have branched out into air cooling. CHW have reviewed a new copper cooler from them.

Greg pointed out this web searching methodologies site. This is not a skim-readable site so I've not looked into it too much.. but it looks interesting. I find google an excellent search tool, but there's still an art to sifting through the huge amount of fluff out there..

Daemon has updated his PCDB entry.. I do like a tidy blowhole. Makes mine look pretty dodgy..

Dan from DansData blew up some fast stuff and bought himself some slow stuff to replace it. The story unfolds here.

Napster's taken another severe kick in the ribs in their legal battle.

FrontX Serial and USB ports on EXHardware.. our review of the base unit here.
Panaflo 92mm fans on TechWatch.. these are good 'uns.
Zalman CNPS 5000+ heatsink/fan on OCCafe.
Fan Expander on DreddNews.. basically a fan adapter.
Airlift Video Cooler on 2FastCPU.
Plextor 16/10/40A CDRW on AwareMag.
Lazer cut fan grills on IANAG.
Kenwood KDC-MP8017 car MP3 player on TheTechZone.
PC Geiger on AllTechBox. These things are getting a lot of press lately, seem pretty cool
DFI CS62-TC Socket370 motherboard based on i815EP stepping B (support for Tualatin) on PCHW.RO.
Klipsch Promedia 4.1 speakers on FlamingShrubs.
Star Trek: Away Team game on FutureLooks.. hope you don't have to play Ensign Ricky. :)

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