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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 14-July-2001  00:39:52 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Agg is off building testboxes tonight. Which means there are reviews coming, I can smell them. Coming. In testboxes. News.

VoidYourWarranty have looked at some Flowmaster Water Cooling Kits.. and it's not just a pretty name either, it features 1/2" fittings and tubing in the system. Mmm, that'll be a bit of flowrate. For those that don't know water cooling, flow rate is like RAM. You cant get enough, especially at these prices. I spoze there is an exception to the rule tho.. put those firehoses away.

FutureLooks has put away their crystal ball and instead turned their focus on sputnik 7.. a website that is apparently good for wasting time. For all those office workers on Monday who manage to read this post (if you're bored you no doubt will), then I 'spose this is one way to kill an afternoon. I was bored today and found chicks suck, and no, it's not a porn site. It's someyunguys ranting about not being able to find a woman, and altho essentially depressing it's pretty amusing at times. He makes some good calls on lots of things. Write down and say it to your mates type good calls.

3D spotlight have taken a look at CPUfx's water cooling kit, featuring an aluminium reservoir and a copper waterblock.. sounds like a good source for a battery effect. Running water thru copper and then aluminium all day is bad.. makes for galvanic corosion, which is also bad. Bad Bad Bad.

Nicholas sent in this rather humorous guide to securing your PC against theft. It dosn't mention it on the page, but I also beleive it would be successful in securing your PC against hackers and all sorts of Internet nasties.. might start a trend eh?

VooDoo pointed out that there are several handy tips from Tyan in the comments section of this review on AcesHardware. Problem is, I bet the ratio of AMD-SMP-Dreamers to AMD-SMP-Users is pretty shocking.

GlobalWin CAK38 on IPKonfig.
AMD SMP on Digit-Life.
Herc Prophet 4500XT 64Mb Kyro2 on HotHardware.
MiniJam Springboard MP3 Module on PCStats.
EPoX 8K7A + 1.33GHz AXIA on AMDWorld.UK.
Ace 112 MultiMedia Ports, similar to the FrontX ones we reviewed here.
Cyber Cooler P10,000 hs/f on OCcafe.
Thermalright SK6 on procooling.

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