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Sunday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 15-July-2001  19:04:31 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

The on-topic news this evening seems to be very slow, so luckily there is a lot of off-topic interesting stuff to post. Top of the list is my Dad's 50th birthday comming up on Tuesday.. I doubt that he reads this page, but still gotta say it anyway.. happy birthday Dad. Moving along..

Apparently Red Bull, that heavily caffeinated and excellent-with-vodka "energy drink" can kill you, or so the world's media will have you beleive. This from IRC: "Red Bull ... it gives you wings" ... yeah, little wings on your back, and a harp too ...

A B-I-G congratulations to the Wallabies who won last night's series decider against the Lions. Probably one of the best games of Rugby I've seen in a while, and best wishes to Rod Macqueen who bows out as coach.

Heading back on topic, Slautech have reviewed a Thermosonic ThermoEngine with a delta 60mm fan strapped to it. Nothing out of the ordinary you'd think, except of course for the fan. It's not the normal 37cfm unit, it's instead a taller unit boasting an insane 43cfm. Sort of taking the whole turbines-on-heatsinks thing to a new level.. of noise, and admittedly performance as well.

Pengo noticed this job while poking around Headhunter.net.. The position is entitled Imperial Administrative Assistant, and it involves screening phone calls from telemarketers and includes benefits such as kicking ewoks. Wookies need not apply.

DangerousDog has a guide up to modding the +5V line on IWill KK266 motherboards. Apparently the VCORE mod for this board results in low +5V voltages, so you have to perform another mod. I'll take this moment to say mod's like this not only void your motherboard warranty, they may also void your life insurance. Take care :)

Detanator version numbers just keep on getting higher and higher.. almost seems like a bad case of version-number-ricing on nVidia's behalf. They are now up to version 14.20 and available for download from IPKonfig.

Going against the trend of 4cyl rice comments I've been making of late comes this showing of some big aussie muscle.. Some guys did what every owner of a 300kW HSV GTS should do.. take it out on a quiet highway in the NT and see how fast it goes. In this case, 270km/hr.. which isn't too shabby at all. Comes via hphero.com.

Brisbane's QGL Lan is on again, taking over ANZ stadium's volleyball courts for the 28th and 29th of this month. I'll be making a much more concerted effort to get to this LAN, as I'm keen to offer smackdown where smackdown is due. A few people on IRC/forums have been suggesting an OCAU-only LAN, so how about wearing your OCAU shirt, writing OCAU all over your case in black nikko or comming in Agg's favorite pink OCAU g-string to show you're a community member.

I found this over on HardOCP.. it's a keyboard/mouse combo whereby the keyboard is a split, and the right portion of the keyboard features an optical sensor on the bottom allowing you to move it around and use it like a mouse. Looks to be a pretty cool idea, even if it's probably too akward for acurate gaming. Best part of it all? The inventor is an aussie!

It appears that the Ausgamers F@H team has begun to pull infront of us.. which is just not on. To give people less reasons to not help us whip their ass, p0st@l has written up a guide for installing Folding@Home and getting it going. If you didn't think searching for a cure for cancer was a good enough reason, beating Ausgamers might of been the one you were looking for..

Finally today, Dave from Razor Prices has let me know that he's finished a new html-only version of his site. For those that missed the original post a few weeks back, Razor Prices is a new aussie site that lists 16 retailers (4 more have recently been added) price lists, allowing you to search their database for the lowest prices. Apparently a few people were not too pleased with the use of Flash on the site, hence the new html-only version. The site is pretty handy for those whom price is the deciding on where to purchase, and something the aussie market has been lacking of late.. so give them your support!

Shuttle AK31 KT266 DDR board on AMDWorld.UK.
Vantec CCK-6035D all-copper hs/f on IPKonfig.
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AMD SMP under Linux on GamePC.

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