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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 16-July-2001  23:20:55 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm, OCCafe have reviewed the Cyber Cooler NK-360. A notebook cooler. Sort of fits into the same category as a monitor cooler, which aimed firmly at people who over accessorise ~everything~. Probably a little bit more useful is this little device which I noticed on voicerecognition.com.au, a new OCAU sponsor. It's a flat power cell which clips/sits on the bottom of your laptop and acts as a secondary battery.

SystemLogic has a little bit of a rant up covering the costs of upgrading to a P4 system. When the price is put in comparison, it is pretty scary difference, but all things being equal its dirt cheap. A joke among friends lately has been that soon SDRAM will be appearing in breakfast cereal boxes. The scary thing is, it's so cheap I contemplated buying a stick just to photograph it in a box of wheaties.. HEH.

MeriX has pointed out this article over on The Reg highlighting just how ruthless Microsoft is.. They’re going after a South Australian company that provides PC's free of charge to poor and disadvantaged children. Apparently it's time they coughed up for all the software licenses, or else. Better get to them quick before it's actually worth Bill Gates' time to pick up those $1,000 notes he's been dropping.

Agg found this interview with Andy Thomas, the aussie astronaut. Pretty interesting read, might be worth having a scroll through. It's on mycareer.com.au, but somehow I doubt Mr Thomas picked his career out from a touch screen at centrelink.

Now this is pretty cool.. Steinberg, the creators of Cubase VST and other almost industry-standard audio editing/creation apps are optimising their software for the AMD processor. It'll be interesting to see what the difference turns out to be.

2FastCPU are running a competition to cool down your summer. Or, err, our winter. With Lexmark toner cartridges no less. Just what you needed, yes? Does not say anything about it being open to aussie residents, but then nothing is said about it not being open to us either. So if you want toner..

For all users that have somehow "obtained" a copy of WindowsXP build 2505, electic has an updater that'll take you up to build 2509. Mmm, beta updaters for unreleased beta software. All you need then is a pre-release motherboard and a CPU with a cracked core for the ultimate in Dodgy Computing™.

Ranky pointed out that you can now buy dirt on ebay. Just what you needed? Be sure to make sure that its disease free dirt. I/we take no responsibility if you purchase this dirt and then later find out it isn't good dirt. Sorry.

Samsung Sycmaster 150MP 15" LCD Screen on NeoSeeker.
GlobalWin WAW38 P4 cooler on TheTechZone.
Senfu Copper Air Cooler on CoolHardWarez.
1CoolPC Socket AHO cooler on GideonTech.

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