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Wednesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 18-July-2001  15:36:05 (GMT +10) - by Agg

First thing I noticed today was Jake's Celeron 466 @ 933MHz in the PCDB. If that's not some kind of joke then it has to be one of the most heroic overclocks ever - getting a Mendocino Celeron over 700MHz is pretty much unheard of. I got my best-of-the-bunch C366 to 682MHz (after the original peltier and watercooling experiments that started this site off) .. I tried for a long time to get my C466 to even POST at 700MHz.. 2.6v core, sanded to full copper and with a watercooled 72W peltier on board, no joy, not even a peep at 700MHz. If this new 933MHz system is genuine then my hat's off to you, Jake.

Electic points out new disposable mobile phones.. I hope they're recyclable..

Need a little more airflow in your box? Matt suggests this 235CFM one. Maybe mount two pointing down and have a hover-case.

After you've been running one of those for a while, you'll probably have some wicked dust action happening inside your case - GideonTech have a guide to cleaning it all out.

Dell kinda screwed themselves with a recent free-shipping deal, thanks Haroc.

SourceMagazine pit a couple of CDRW drives against each other.

Accelenation have benchmarked pretty much all the SocketA chipsets for your comparison..

Andypoo points out this interesting site that can tell you what was the UK or US Number 1 pop song on a given day, such as the day you were born.

Apparently the Windows XP RC1 activation code is not as secure as MS would have hoped, thanks Blue Draco (and the 3 other people who sent it in while I was typing this news update :) )

OCOpolis have a shim shootout..

PCStats got themselves in the position of having no heatsink on their Athlon and, unsurprisingly, it toasted itself. Easier to do than you might expect.. damnit.

Hogwash notes that Intel are not having a great time financially at the moment.. info here and here. Sure, the market is down at the moment, but a 76% drop in income? That's gotta sting.

ProCooling have been having a play, but not a lot of luck, with water chillers.

Abit TH7 P4 motherboard on HardwareMania.
EPoX 3SPA3 i815EP-based socket370 board on Rizenet.
SUMA Platinum GeForce3 on Digit-Life.
Biostar M7MIA RAID SocketA DDR mobo on SystemLogic.
Addtronics 7896 with modifications on ArsTechnica.

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