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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 20-July-2001  00:17:45 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm, quite a bit happening on the scene tonight, so I better be quick and get it on the page. Here gooooes..

Anandtech has taken a look at ATi's next generation SmartShader technology which is basically the name their marketing guru's gave for the vertex and pixel shaders. Which are all a part of DirectX 8.0 and 8.1.. so it's nothing big, just means they are comming up to par with GF3. In their own same-but-different way.

Hexus has taken a look at the difference between 32Mb and 64Mb GeForce2MX 400 cards.. and to sum it up, it's not worth it. Sure, you're getting double the ram for an extra $30 maybe, but the $30 is probably better spent on more system memory, or the price difference between a 1.0 and a 1.2GHz T'Bird.. or whatever. Still worth a read tho, especially if you want more than my take on it.

Gerald pointed out this rather alternative hs/f attachment method over on overclockers.com.. and whilst the author says it was intended to make it safer/quicker/easier to attatch heatsinks, I think it'd do the oppposite.. springs give a lot more oppurtunity for the hs/f to move around the CPU core and crack it. Which Is A Bad Thing.

A reader over at OCworkbench.com had a bit over trouble flashing their bios.. apparently the power went out mid-flash, and not only did the flash fail (as you'd expect..) but the BIOS chip actually fried as well. Owch.. lucky it has a dual BIOS. Which made me think.. a sort-of-dodgy-but-not way of providing a dual BIOS would be to just ship a second (spare) BIOS chip with the board.. it'd make it easy flashing experimental BIOS because you'd always have the second one to swap over. As for the costs, I doubt BIOS chips (in volume) by themselves in a little static clamshell would cost more than a whole 50c..

Kazashi pointed out a rather old but interesting article that talks about why the Human eye can actually perceive the difference between 70fps and 30fps, even though 27fps is supposedly all it needs. Good read, especially to put your mind at ease over the thick wad of cash that you transformed into a GeForce3 :)

EXHardware has checked out the HiSpeedPC AGP AirLift, basically an inverted fan adaptor (reviewed here) that goes on the back/top of your AGP card and sucks all the hot air towards the PSU and out of your case.. slight problem being your CPU is often in the way, and the hot air gets blown over it on it's quest for freedom. Oh well. SystemLogic has done the same

DSLWebServer has a quick guide up to making a 5/7/12V line splitter to allow you run your case fans at lower voltages. Which makes them spin slower/quieter. Which can be good.

Finally tonight, Lombers from CaseJunkiez has taken a look at the Vantec FCE-62540D cooler, which is basically a rebadged FOP-38 with a YS-Tech 7k-rpm fan instead of a Delta one.. the good thing about it is the price, which is a tad under $30. Very good performance for cooling on the cheap, and a better clip to boot.

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