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Sunday (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 22-July-2001  13:14:32 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

It just keeps on getting worse and worse for Telstra Broadband subscribers.. I doubt they are creating any product loyalty as it is. Anyway, throwing more fuel onto the fire is this article Antony sent in that covers some security issues with the Alcatel ADSL modem Telstra has been issuing ADSL subscribers with. Admittedly other ADSL subscribers issue the same modem, so it's not just restricted to Telstra subscribers. But it is another thing for them to worry about. This is not to say all is rosy in the Optus@Home world either.. apparently there was a security issue with the SURFboard SB3100 modems allowing a remote exploit to reset the modem. Thankfully, Optus rolled out a firmware update for the modem that has patched the exploit. I can't find any links to info on it, but all the pieces fit.

Oh, I almost forgot. Bigpond Cable passwords have also been hacked. For real. Yep, all of the usernames with corresponding passwords have been compromised, and are in the public domain - not just on someone's hard drive. So might be time to change your password if you're a bigpond user. That's if it hasn't already been changed for you.. Fun Fun Fun. Not a good time to have anything to do with Telstra at all really. Ready for privatisation my left testicle. More info here, thanks to Alex, Skitza and Morgan. Talk of it in the forums here.

More doom and gloom news, but this time on a humerous note. Hugo sent in this picture of a recent netsplit that occured on the oz.org network where the #overclockers irc channel is hosted. It's a big one :) For those that don't know, a netsplit happens when one (or more) IRC servers split away from the others. In that picture you can see that it is melbourne.oz.org splitting away from router.oz.org (the central server all the other servers sync with). Also, IRC servers are usually grouped into networks such as the oz.org one to share server load and allow a larger group of people to converse.

SysOpt has a handy little guide to recovering your BIOS if the flashing process goes horribly wrong. This might be one to read and/or print out, because reading it without a BIOS is, as I understand, a tad difficult.

The guys over at procooling are pretty keen on getting a Peltier/Water cooled t-bird happening, and have discovered a limitation holding it back: clamping pressure. Y'see, most attatchments use a single nylon bolt or similar to hold the pelt/waterblock onto the slug. Problem is, whilst the the T-Bird is only happy with a max of 16-24lb of pressure on it's core, the pelt wants 150-300lb. Bit of a difference..

Iroquois has pointed out that ExtremeTech have a 14 case roundup thing happening.. and looks to be a pretty decent idea. I wonder if, following the recent rash of cooler roundups (like our's here) case roundups are going to be the Next Big Thing.

Digit-Life has an article up talking about the Home PNA 1.0 and 2.0 standards for using telephone wires as network infrastructure. Which reminds me of the Wireless Community Net for Brisbane being discussed in the forums. It'd be even cooler if it wasn't so expensive.

Finally, a trio of reviews has popped up over on dansdata, and top of the list is an Acer CRW 2010A IDE CD-RW which boasts a 20X write speed. Which is pretty darn quick, and cops the usual interesting-and-lengthy going over from dan including a look at why it's not as fast as you think it is. He's also looked at an external firewire box for 5 1/4" devices, the FireWire SkyBox, and finally some DiscSaver CD cases which look really nifty but are only available in the US at the moment. They also burn well, once you get them going. Go read, it's interesting.

The Funnel fan adaptor on IPKonfig. Our reviews here and here.
ADI L712 17" DVI LCD Display on Accelenation.
DFI AK75-EC KT133A mobo on MikhailTech.
Infinipro Aqua Cool Deluxe Kit on 2FastCPU.
Cooler Guys Wind Tunnel 3 case on ClubOC.
Medium-Sized Cooler Roundup on RojakPot.
AVGSAL600 Aluminium case on Ripnet UK.
HiSpeed PC AGP AirLift on OCIA.

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