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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-July-2001  22:50:55 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

I have found more rice tonight. Well actually, mikeamp on IRC found it. It's very very amusing. I had a hard time explaining to my housemates why I was laughing so hard at a computer screen. If you're a fan of the whole rice thing, you're definitely going to have to go read this page.

Also on IRC tonight, a lot of people seem to be fairly interested in locating a russian bride. Hmmm, yes. Finally, we've written up some channel guidelines, which all-of-the-two-people-that-irc-and-read-the-news might want to comment on in the forums here.

Hmm, the Telstra saga continues. They are now claiming that their systems where not compromised at all, rather that it was a large number of users systems compromised by the SubSeven trojan. There is also more Telstra Saga over on Whirlpool..

IANAG have checked out the Samsung DVD-N501, a DVD/MP3 cd player that is also a gaming console. Albeit, not much of one. More of a pack-in feature rather than a must-have, but interesting nonetheless. It has been a while since alternative consoles have been on the scene.. and they seem to die out pretty quick these days. Dreamcast anyone?

For your daily dose of the weird, Wokkett points out The Creative Vulgarian's Lexicon, a guide to help you swear more effectivley. He also noticed this article that claims chocolate that tastes good can have such a positive effect on the male body as to releive stress. Don't mind if I do :) And without stating my opinion on the matter, DF points out this thread in the forums dealing with the Christian belief system.

Finally tonight, HWextreme have a rather handy guide on what you should do if your work on the 'net gets plagiarised. I know it's happened to quite a few hardware sites, and it's a risk anyone takes when they publish material on the net.

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