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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-July-2001  13:38:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Well, there's no more putting it off, I've gotta go to the doctor about this tonsil of mine.. :( My prediction: "here, have some antibiotics".

Just got an email from eBay, apparently: All items that are listed on eBay Australia (i.e. in AU$) between 12:00:01 am AEST and 11:59:59 pm AEST on Thursday 26th July will be free to list. This will apply to insertion fees only. All other fees (including optional reserve price fees, final value fees, gallery and feature fees) will still apply. I dunno how significant a saving that is, but if you've got some stuff to get rid of, might be an ideal time. Otherwise, you could use the OCAU For Sale forum, which is free of any fees all the time.

No, you cannot overclock your cat with a microwave. Thanks to overl0ad for that handy tip.

AcesHW have an article on Intel's Itanium 64-bit processor.

Chris Nolan posted an interesting thread about the newer P3 Processors and motherboard compatability in our Intel Hardware forum.

PCStats have a technical article about flourescent multi-layer memory.

SourceMagazine checked out 11 useful notebook add-ons.

This from Wokket, a funny article on TheReg about MS (kinda) using sex to sell Windows XP. Funny ad, you can view it here.

Rizenet have taken a look at 6 heatsinks in a new roundup.

Plextor have done it again, this time launching their 24x10x40x CDRW drive.. even a 16X speed burner is amazingly fast, you've gotta wonder what the point is of going faster and faster.. the difference between a 20x burn and a 24x burn has got to be only a couple of minutes, surely? This drive does a full 74min cd in 4 minutes, anyway.

From BigDude: building a cheap terabyte-class fileserver, very interesting article.

Hercules 3D Prophet III on DansData, our mini-review here.
Hercules GF2MX on Bench House.
Creative Geforce 3 on BlargOC.
Benwin Flat-Panel Speakers on TE.

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