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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 25-July-2001  01:14:19 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Well, most interesting peice of news tonight is over on whirlpool. Telstra have finally came good on the poor service offerd up on ADSL and are offering customers a 100% rebate on their bill for the month of July, and 50% off for August and September as a concession for the poor QoS off late. Sure, they blame it on third party equipment, but with effectivley two months free ex-gratia, who's complaining? I havn't had very nice things to say about Telstra over the past week, but this definitely goes against the trend. Well done Telstra - it's good to see a Telco take responsibility for their actions. Thanks to Doug, Joel and Anthony.

Close second on the interesting list are these awesome ascii art pictures. I don't think I've ever seen better, they are seriously good.. there are four links there btw, and I noticed them over on come.to/kewn

Also good is FREE STUFF! over on ClubOC, including motherboards, coolers, mousepads and all that usual stuff. You've gotta go visit a sponsors page to enter, but that's ok. It's better than joining a forum you wouldn't otherwise join. And, they're also giving away more FREE STUFF on 3DSpotlight in the form of Duron 900's or 32Mb GF2MX cards - your choice! Reminds me.. must be getting near OCAU's second birthday. I wonder what websites do for birthdays..

PCStats have an article up talking about the upgrade paths to the P4. New motherboard, New Ram, New CPU. Nice simple path.. I really think Intel need to simplify their product line up at the moment.. there are cumine s370 P3's and Celerons at 66, 100 and 133MHz FSB, SECC2 P3 processors, Slot-2 Xeons, s678 P4 Xeons, s423 P4s and now the FC-PGA2 Tualatin CPU's on the go. Not to mention the upcomming s478 P4's which AOpen are being naughty about and advertising before they should. That's about 7 different chipsets for 9 different CPU brands, ignoring speed differences.

More rice again, this time in the form of North American Impreza/WRX's in a Future Looks article. It appears they havn't really caught onto the whole rice thing over at FutureLooks.. maybe someone needs to point it out to them - there is a lot of amusement to be had.

Denis has went to a bit of effort and asked a Swiss friend of his for a translation of the recent Microsoft add involving boobies. The text on the little menu bar apparently reads "Get Help: Push button guide" at the top, with the options of "Open Straight Aware" or "Break Apart". Heh.. the add has also been pulled from the MS site, it appears they don't like everyone getting their fix of west european soft porn care of them. Damn.

Hmm, here comes your daily dose of weird care of Herbo: a crooning child. Yep, it's damn weird. Blister in the Sun sounds like a whining cat.. and we all know how to take care of those, right? (30 seconds on high, mate) Wokket also chipped in this article which suggest that Van Gogh (that art guy) may of not cut of his ear as originally thought, rather that it may of been the result of a drunken sword fight with his mate Paul Gauguin.. 'spose that tops breaking my drunken breaking-a-window-playing-pool effort.

Martin pointed out this extremely well written and informative guide to BIOS modding. It covers things like adding different microcode for things like onboard IDE/RAID controllers, or adding support for new processors to an existing code base. Pretty involved stuff, but cool nonetheless. Very nice work Martin.. and as always I must issue the standard we-take-no-responsibility-for-turning-motherboards-into-ornaments warning. You can easily corrupt your BIOS if you recklessly toy with things like this. Be careful!

Finally tonight, B5Lurker pointed out this article which talks about more US Senators being unhappy with Microsoft products. Apparently the inclusion of Microsoft messenger, media and other related clients strikes a raw nerve. I can understand where they are comming from, as it's not so much what they are doing as how they are doing it.

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