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Wednesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 25-July-2001  13:27:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

David noticed that Telstra will recompense ADSL users for the chronic unreliability of the network this month. I wonder if Primus will do something similar for their customers..

Quick note from Andy re sound problems on A7V133 boards and WCPREDIT: When I upgraded to the 1005A BIOS on my board it enabled the PCI Master Read Caching in the Chip Configuration in the Advanced section of the bios. In the 1004 bios this couldn't be set to enabled and so i had bad sound. In 1005 and 1006 you can enable it but a friend of mine (les from previous posts) found that 1006 has it disabled by default. So with this enabled, my sound probs have gone away.

SystemLogic took a closer look at the performance of various types of IDE cables..

Old but funny, Tim sent in the AMD Moron article on BBSpot. I reckon someone in AMD's marketing department speaks Klingon.

OCAU hosted site InsaneHardware have launched a new site, AbitVP6.com, a support forum for that dual Socket370 motherboard.

PCHardware have a 15 cooler roundup posted.

G3D built a badass gaming rig.. no, really.

More anti-competitiveness allegations are levelled at Microsoft, this time over Windows XP, thanks Morgan.

I thought we might not have heard from Wokket today, but no, he snuck in a couple at the last minute about people collecting AOL CD's and people being banned from playing with sharks feeding on dead whales.. where does he find this stuff. :)

CaseAce GearGrip CRT monitor carry-handle on 8balls.
DFI CD70-SC Socket370 DDR mobo on Accelenation, using the ApolloPro266 chipset we checked out here.
Iwill KK266-R KT133A socketA motherboard on BlargOC.
Epox 8K7A+ socketA DDR motherboard on Radeonic.
Joytech Kyro 2 video card on PlanetSavage, thanks V8R.
SVK Golden Gate heatsink on IPKonfig.

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