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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-July-2001  00:24:52 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Ack, it's another one of those late-night-early-start news posts.. two in a row! But don't worry kids, I'll try to make this one a tad more, uh, readable? heh :)

There seems to be a bit of off-topic humerous stuff getting sent to the inbox of late. First in the box was this little add on LWD sent in by Tigger. Dean sent in this - the adventures of Ziggy the cable modem. Heh, 'nuff said. dami0n pointed out this amusing Penny Arcade comic. Not forgetting Wokkett with an air powered pogo stick.. and an (only in America) competition to find the fattest pigeon.

Back on topic now, if you where wondering what makes for a good (or indeed crap) performing heatsink, PCWorkshop have a guide up explaining the black art of heatsink design. Whilst Bit-Tech have a review of the Extreme Vice chipset cooler which looks a lot like the MOS cu cooler we covered in a roundup here.

Hothardware are giving away a VisionTek GeForce3 card.. all you've got to do is tell them why it should be yours. Free GeForce3's eh.. nice. If you can't win one tho, Anandtech has a GeForce3 roundup thing happening.. might be worth your time. Hmm, maybe you can read it and work out the best GeForce3 to win?

Anyone who bought a CUV266 (or indeed an AX37) as recently OCWorkbench has the PR on the Asus TUA266, an ALi DDR s370 board. If you're in the AMD world tho, like most of us these days, HardOCP has reviewed the A7V266. Seems to be the logical successor to the pretty-damn-decent A7V133.

Apparently there is some remote exploit hole thingamajiggy (not technical term) in telnetd. Which, for anyone silly enough to still be running telnetd instead of sshd, is pretty bad. apt-get install ssh ; apt-get remove telnetd.

Finally tonight, Darmok points out this ZDNet article which talks about the inevitable: Intel is moving away from RAMBUS.

KDS VS195i 19" CRT Monitor on ClubOC.
Thermaltake 6025A 60mm fan kit on SystemLogic.
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EagleB 0003 ATX Case on TheTechZone.
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256Mb TwinMOS DDR DIMM on PCStats.

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