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Saturday Night - From QGL! (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-July-2001  01:00:59 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

This news post comes to you live from QGL LAN. It's pretty damn good, I must say. There is a webcam thing happening as well, you might pick up a few OCAU shirts in it. Probably mine and sabretooth's :). BIG PIMPAGE (!!!) goes out to ^DrE^ and Mystro who brought me a complimentary can of Jolt Cola to persuade me to do the news. Thanks guys :)

Seems to be pretty quiet in the cool-stuff-to-read-about department tonight, so I 'spose I'll just chuck you what scraps there is left. Don't worry.. it's not ~that~ bad.

Slautech have part three of their guide to watercooling up. They are putting the system together in the rather-popular-but-now-hard-to-obtain-in-aus YY cube case. Some people have said that these cases are a bit too cramped for a decent H20 setup, but they seem to be getting by pretty well.

TechExtreme have a small article up that talks about the moving of the P4 down into the lower price ranges of the PC market. They reckon that a 2GHz part will be heading our way sometime this quarter, which is pretty impressive. It took a while to reach 1GHz, but 2GHz has flown right up to us. Moore's Law I 'spose. Anyway, part of the price decrease can be directly attributed to the introduction of the i845 chipset with DDR/PC133 support.

Oohh, YAY! A new TBird stepping is out. Just a few months ago we where all wearing construction worker get ups and dancing with people dressed as indians to the tune of A-X-I-A. Well OK, maybe it was just Sciby. Nevertheless, the new stepping, AYHJAR is good for an average overclock of 1668MHz from the stock setting of 1000MHz, according to AthlonOC. Not bad, not bad at all. They took this from a sample set of 75 chips as well, so definitely believeable figures.

TweakMax has a bit of a newbie article up covering three apparently popular questions: What is the FAT (File Allocation Table)? What does a disk defragmenter really do? What does a ScanDisk utility really do? Well, go and find out.. if you didn't already know :)

TechExtreme has news about Palm Pilots.. more specifically that they will be splitting their OS business from their hardware business. They are doing this to prevent a corperate split of sorts, and it will ineviteably promote better competition.. I bet this'll mean more Palm clones as well.

Gary wrote in to say that there is an online scanner for the SirCam virus here. Don't let a virus make a fool of you, go and run a scan now.

Agg wrote in to say Watercooling with a little case? Need a big radiator but can't fit it in?
Well, bolt it to the outside, then. Pretty cool system from Leon, I like the VU-meter on the front too..
Thanks Agg :)

I want to know where Wokket finds stuff like this on the 'net.. he hasn't failed to amuse in the past week. Part of his WTF files today include a stolen 300 pound fibreglass bull.. which is a case of only-in-america. He also sent in this article.. about a German guy hitting a CRAZY 169mph, that's over 270km/hr.. ON ROLLERBLADES. INSANE! Final article from Wokkett tonight is this American news article that talks about a woman sueing her local council to allow her to keep a Bobcat inside her residential home. And no, it's not one of those pieces of earth moving machinery, it's a real live bobcat. Hmm, I wonder why they wouldn't like her keeping that at home? Maybe because it might eat someone? Last OT thing comes from Draffa who pointed out this rather humerous comic about nudist colonies.

CaseAce GearGrip CRT monitor carryer thing on TacoNuts. I could use one of those soon..
Mushkin EMS3 PC133 SDRAM on Accenelation.
Tt Volcano/Mini Orb coolers on Digit-Life.
Tt Volcano 6u on OCNZ.
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