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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 31-July-2001  14:05:15 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Not doing the news is a very bad thing, because it doesn't let up. It just keeps on coming into the news box Energizer-style.. so there is a lot of news to get through. Better stop whinging and start it :)

First out of the box is this. Now by now most of you should be aware of my stance on rice. But is this rice? Sure, it is excessive and definitely not needed.. but then, so is a twin supercharged 350 chev - and that's definitely not rice. Maybe we need IsThisRiceOrNot.com? :)

Remember my reports on the AYHJAR TBirds from QGL? Well, it's going to get a lot bigger. The OC Cafe has gotten their paws on a 1.0GHz part that hits 1.5GHz no worries. They're calling it the new 300A, and I reckon that's about fair. They havn't trickled down to aus yet, even tho they will with time. An impatient forum member has already started a group buy from overseas if you just can't wait. Just talking to Agg about it, way back when he started OCAU he was selling celly 366@550 CPU's with a Slocket and Cooler for $225. At the time 550mhz was awesome, only the top-of-the-line P3 at a zillion times the cost could touch it performance-wise. Well, according to AthlonOC a AYHJAR has an average overclock of about 1680MHz, and a 1.0GHz part will sell for about $225 which puts it up there with the fastest available P4's.... at a zillion times the cost. Yep, new 300A for sure :)

The 1.2GHz Tualatin P3 CPU part is now out. For those who don't know, it's a 0.13u P3 CPU that needs only 1.475V to operate, and has all sorts of fancy features like a copper interconnects and 512k cache in the server/mobile variants. It also has an Integrated Heat Spreader, which is that bit of aliminium you used to see on the top of socket7 cpu's like K6-2's.. which makes it a lot harder to crunch the die. The catch, of course, is that it requires a new motherboard to operate, and with P4 already on the market I doubt Intel will be pushing it too strongly.. Anyway, reviews are a-plenty.. TheTechZone, Anandtech (who are calling it the future Celeron.. interesting), ViaHardware, The Register, Tech Extreme, HotHardware, and Accelenation.

TransmetaZone has an interesting article up talking about the Marketing of Megahertz. This is especially relevant in today's CPU world with the release of new CPU's that have higher clock speeds, but perform less operations per clock (P4 anyone?). It's not new tho.. Remember the "Pentium Rating" for AMD and Cyrix CPU's?

Rob wrote in with this article written by an IBM employee in regards to resolving PCI latency and conflict issues. It is written from a Linux perspective, but it's still highly relevant to users of other operating systems with the same problems.

Hypothermia is giving away FOUR EPoX 8K7A+ Socket-A AMD 761 mainboards. In true Hypothermia style there are no forums to sign up for, no questions to answer, or any stupid conditions. Just one email entry per day, per email adress and you have a chance and winning. Excellent.

Hmm, more virus alerts.. this time from Chris.
there is a little bug making its way around msn messenger at the moment. its a program called choke.exe', its about 41k in size, and auto-sends itself along with a message to whoever you are talking to that looks like this:"President bush shooter is game that allows you to shoot Bush balzz" hahaha all it does, once ran it messages the person with floods of ;), and plays 'George.W.Bush@Whitehouse.gov' is typing you a message in the bottom part of the window quite annoying. i cant imagine it would be harmful to a pc, just annoying to the person trying to have a conversation.

Accelenation have gotten their hands on the ECS K7S5A, a SiS735-based board. The SiS735 reference boards performed really well, so it'll be interesting to see how the retail variants fare. Sadly, this isnt a full review, just a comparison..

PCHardware have reviewed the Abit KG7-Raid, but probably more interesting is news I have that there will be a KG7-Lite variant of the board that has two less DIMM slots (bringing it down to 2), and no onboard RAID. This will give the board a street price of about $290au.. mmm, DDR for the masses.

Finally this afternoon, big news on the nVidia Crush chipset on X-Bit Labs.. apparently the yields on the southbridge didn't turn out to be all they expected, so the Dolby 5.1 sound is getting dropped for AC97 sound.. owch. The integrated network controller might be headed for the scrap heap as well.

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