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Sunday afternoon quickies... (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 2-September-2001  18:53:10 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

What a weekend it's been. I've spent most of it at Rugby matches, it's been great - especially with Australia retaining the Tri-Nations Cup. On with the news (what little of it there is)...

We've received another report of a new Celeron processor overclocking rather well - this time Bartho, who purchased a 900MHz Celeron (9x100MHz), and has it running at 1200MHz (9x133MHz), at stock voltage with the retail heatsink. Not bad for AUD$139, is it... :)

Ben wrote in with some interesting news - he was (watching?) Catalyst, the ABC science program recently, when they did a report on computer circuit research. It seems that scientists in the US (IBM scientists it seems) have managed to build an inverter (a basic processor building block) on a single molecule, which is a breakthrough in itself - but the molecule wasn't silicon - it was on a carbon "nanotube". A nanotube is a hollow strand of carbon, 10,000 times smaller than traditional silicon transistors. This is a major breakthrough in microprocessor research, and should lead to faster, smaller and cheaper computers within 10-15 years...

If you're confused by ACPI, and what it means for your system, PC Hardware have written a guide to it, giving quite a bit of useful information and some good troubleshooting tips.

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