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Tuesday (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 4-September-2001  12:49:42 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

There is more online media backing that AMD is going to pursue the Model Naming Scheme ala PR rating after all.. with this ZDNet article from Nemesis throwing more weight behind the rumor on TomsHardware. I can understand their reasons for doing it, because most of us are aware that the P4 is a regressive core design intended to be a clock speed king, rather than a grunty processor regardless of clock. Intel was wise in doing this, as it now appears that a 2GHz Intel processor is 600MHz or or almost 42% faster than AMD's 1.4GHz part, when in truth, it's not. That won't stop me disliking the whole idea of it tho, and I beleive it's going to take some clever marketing to stop this turning into another PR debacle.

Firemoth also pointed out this rumour fest article on The Inq that gives October 9 as the date for the release of the desktop version of the Palomino core, and confirms the model-naming-scheme rumor as well.. albeit not with much assurance. As usual, juicy Inq rumours that may or may not hold true.

AnandTech have their KT266A article up, as do Digit-Life.. and it gives more reason to save up those 5c coins and start waiting for the boards to start arriving on the shelves: KT266A is hot. They also have a new article up about Linux in the corporate world.. and how it's going to go in and save everything. Anyone heard that before?

If you where thinking about doing some professional ricing of your case but don't have the dosh to do so, then Bit-Tech have the competition for you: they are giving away 250 worth of case mods, which is almost $750 aussie dollars worth of case.. rather serious if you ask me.

I know that a lot of you have been waiting for some Kingmax DDR ram to show up on the scene, and last week I noticed it on one of the more lower-priced aussie online retailer's sites and was wondering where the heck a review was.. well, TweakTown have come to the rescue with one right here. The memory follows in the footsteps of their PC133/150/166 parts with a TinyBGA packaging, which sets it away from the pack a bit.

TechWatch have compared to difference between the Leadtek GeForce3 TD and TDH boards.. and what is it? Well, the H stands for Hardware Monitoring, and the TDH board has little LED's on it which will tell you if it's running at AGP 4X, if it's receiving power or if you've managed to cause an Error in your brand new $800 video card. Cool..

VyW has made a case from a subwoofer enclosure.. it's come out looking quite cool, of course they used a very schmick subwoofer enclosure to start with, but nevertheless.. it's neat.

Paul has pointed out that there are cracks that turn the final version of WindowsXP into the corporate edition.. the difference? Well, the corporate edition is minus the activation that we all love so dearly.. so there we go: XP has been cracked. I told you :) Another thing that I predicted was that there would be copies intended specifically for big OEM's like Dell without the activation.. and, there are. Yet another MS scheme intended to curb piracy that does nothing but give warez kiddies something more to laugh about.

Finally today, CaseJunkiez have reviewed the EL Case Badge Kit.. a little product that allows you to create a glowing case badge for your PC - very very cool. We should get Junkz to crank us out some OCAU ones - they ran out really quickly!

Also, thanks to orlock for giving me some help getting to Odin to write the news this morning!

Thermaltake VolcanoII 6u+ on CoolHardWarez.
EPoX 8KTA3+ Pro on TechmoCracy.
Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical on HardwareOne.
SwiftTech MCX370 hs/f on ExplosiveHardware.
Kanie Hedgehog 294M on Radeonic.
SUMA Platinum KyroII 32Mb board on HardwareTest.

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