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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-September-2001  11:05:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Right. Fun with DNS continues, but we're definitely making progress. Thanks to the people who offered help with the zone files but for the moment I'm blundering along myself (with dlint, great suggestion Marty). Also, Lujan noticed our latest delegation request was not actioned (but no email telling me this was sent, grr). That's now fixed too. MnM says people using Primus should turn off the proxy setting in IE as that lets him browse the forums fine. Scott suggests Primus people make sure their DNS server settings for their dialup (or ADSL) connection is set to "Server Assigned" as Primus changed their servers in Feb. Anyway, a couple of people have reported success now when it didn't work before, so we'll see..

A few people sent word that Asus are running another Big Giveaway.. that site is very slow for me at the moment.

Check out this Linux Toaster, thanks Jeff.

GideonTech have built a LAN box and want to tell you all about it, while Tech-Report have recommendations for a student PC.

From TheGibbon: Interesting thread in the forums over at StorageReview. Seems the new Seagate Barracuda IV IDE drives (which look like being the new king of the hill in ATA100 drives) have been exhibiting a nasty squealing noise at times, which as you can imagine is not what you want to hear from a new hard disk. It looks like there's now a fix, and it wasn't really anything to your knickers in a knot about.

The Geek Food Forum (that some are saying should be renamed to "Overcookers Australia") has started and is already full of yummy food ideas for those with a lack of time or cooking skills.. I never knew Sciby was such a chef. :)

BBSpot have put their own funny spin on the AMD Performance Ratings frenzy, thanks Tom. AMD announced that it would start rating its processors using the trademarked GiggaHertz unit of measure. AMD did not reveal how to convert GiggaHertz to gigahertz, though leaked internal documents suggest that 1 GiggaHertz equals .5 GHz. AMD also announced immediate availability of a new 2.8 GiggaHertz Athlon.

HWExtreme compared a couple of water-cooling radiators. There's a heap of water-cooling stuff in our own archive.

Interesting thing from Vindaloo, a website that lets you order Pizza online.. from your local pizza shop. I may never leave the house again.

ProCooling have a 4-way heatsink shootout..

Apparently AOL don't like IE.. or maybe they do, thanks John.

PappaSmurf reckons that XP makes the Net faster for him, in our Networking & Internet forum.

Someone made some flashy colourful thingoes.. so Dan reviewed them, of course.

Wokket answers that timeless question: What would happen if Jesus came back as a monster truck? Also a reminder to be careful what you say in email.

Swiftech MC462BA socket cooler on BSOD.
Abit TH7-RAID i850-based P4 motherboard on OCNZ.
Dynatron DC1206BM-P625 cooler on RojakPot.

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