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Wednesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-September-2001  18:54:20 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Finding time for the news right now is like trying to find an excel that can run a 10 second quarter mile.. heh. Anyway, after having some ~fun~ with WindowsXP installations, I'm now back running WinME and much happier for it.. it works! Here's the news..

This is one for all the newbies: how to install / apply thermal interface materials.. which pretty much means Artic Silver or your favourite thermal goop. It's not too hard, but having someone nudge you in the right direction can always help.

MWP pointed out some news over on slashdot concerning Intel's upcomming IA64 cpu.. A couple of neat facts about it: 6Mb of L3 cache (huge!!), an 8 stage pipeline (compared to the P4's 20 stage pipeline. This means it will be a lot faster at lower clocks..), and finally a whopping 130 Watts of power consumption.. That's going to mean about 110W of heat comming of the die.. that is muuuch more than today's toastiest Thunderbirds. MWP says he'll be interested to see what sort of cooling methods are required for this behemoths.. Indeed.

InsaneHardware have a short blurb posted about a resistor hack for SiS735 boards that will give you a whole 3% extra performance.. umm, yay? I suppose it'd be usefull to all of those benchmark junkies wanting to squeeze every single 3D mark out of their system.. but going to your motherboard with a soldering iron for 3% seems a little excessive. They don't have any real info about it either, just a "rework this resistor".. which means nothing to me. Just seems like a load of hype with not much substance. Something that isn't as useless is a new AGP Driver for the SiS735 boards that weighs in at a massive 7Mb!

SpodesAdobe are back after some backend reworking and they've taken a look at the CPL event from London.. quite a large LAN if you ask me.. and with all that corporate backing it's damn shmick too.. Of course Australia has world-class events of it's own in Brisbane's QGL, Sydney's MPU, Melbourne's Shafted and Adelaide's Valhalla.

Viper points out this time machine going under the hammer on eBay.. *ahem*

The PCDB keeps on being updated with some swanky looking boxes.. There is this tidy machine from Sexual Chocolate (?), Lycan has his cow print window box up, and and Peregrine has a sweet lookin mid-tower up as well.

For all the water cooling junkies out there, VyW has a guide to building a circuit that will turn your pump and other water cooling gear on and off with the rest of your system.. cool.

ArsTechnica have a nice article covering the history of PC gaming.. a where we've come from and where we're going type of article.. not a bad read at all.

Finally, Little Erve points out that Version 3.01 of the handy little display utility PowerStrip has been released, supporting all MS operating systems through 95a to XP.

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