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Thursday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 6-September-2001  10:30:05 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Over in the PCDB I noticed Stinger16au's box which is purpotedly sporting a celeron 900 @ 1600MHz.. which may or may not be true, I'm not too sure. Some of those new celerons have been overclocking to quite a toasty MHz, and It's definitely within FSB limits of the board.. but SODIMMS of DDR in a desktop board? I don't know..

Also from the PCDB is IRC regular X_Phile's rather tricked out box with a neon'd window and all that jazz. Looks sweet.

decifer pointed out this guide to starting an online clan of wankers.. rather bloody amusing if you've been up against the said clan of wankers during a game of counter strike / q3 / ut / insertyourfavouriteonlinegamehere / etc.

MWP pointed out this rather amusing piss-take on the AMD PR rating debacle.. it suggests they name their processes in the trademarked unit GiggaHertz. It is starting to get a bit stupid, the whole PR thing..

bern points out that nVidia has released some new drivers for Linux.. version 1.0-1512's to be exact.

AllTechBox have updated their guide showing you how to connect a PSX controller to your PC.. quite good, because the PSX controllers are quite common, tough and good.

SushiMOO pointed this article which talks about beta versions of WinXP being tagged with a specific user-id for everyone who downloads it.. meaning they're able to trace back who leaked the beta builds and then remove them from the beta program. Also on XP, David wanted to clarify a few things that I said about XP in Tuesday's post.. he says that the crack for the evaluation version to convert it to the corporate copy isn't really a crack, but a bunch of files from the corporate version that you just copy over the top of the evaluation ones. He also highlights that the product activation scheme is only intended to stop pirating in the sense of people lending their CD's to neighbors.. not the warez-type pirating. Thanks for that David :)

A few people emailed me about linking to their LAN's after I posted a few during last nights news post.. well, I will now - but if you want to find any more LAN's I suggest you check out lans.ausgamers because not only have they put a lot of work into it, but it's pretty damn usefull as well. Shr3dder pointed out the SA WonderLAN, and Jekias the Tasmanian BFG LAN.

Finally this morning, there has been some talk over at AusGamers about possibly merging their Folding@Home team with ours when Version 2.0 of the client is released and the stats are (possibly) reset.. What do you think about this? Head over the Team OCAU forum and read all the AusGamers threads to see what other OCAU peeps think, and then post your own thoughts as well.. it would be really nice taking it to all the big american teams with a bunch of 'clocked aussie boxes.. but maintaining an identity through the merge seems to be the biggest concern of both parties.

MSI 6378 KLE133 integrated socket-a mobo on TechGamer.
ThrustMaster Top Gun AfterBurner Joystick on Tech-Planet.
Noise Control Silverado hs/f on Bit-Tech.
CardXPert MX400 VIVO Golden Sample card on Guru3D.
Zalman hs/f roundup on OCPrices.
CyberDrive 16/12/40 CD-RW on ClubOC.
Leadtek GeForce3 TD on X-Bit Labs.
Compex DS2216 16 port switch on RizeNet.

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