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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 7-September-2001  22:22:53 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Doesn’t seem to be much at all happening in the news tonight.. in fact, it's decidedly average. Serves you right for being at home on a Friday night.. go out and do something. I've got an excuse (work early tomorrow), but it doesn’t mean I'm writing this update completely sober either :)

After scrolling through the news box half a dozen times (I told you I wasn't sober) the most exciting thing seems to be this article talking about the ACCC laying down the smack on Telstra for it's uncompetitive DSL pricing which is limiting competition. Well done Dr Fels! Problem is, the URL doesn’t provide much assurance as to the articles accuracy or authenticity..

A new aussie hardware site has just opened their server to the world: pcfusion.com.au is their URL and name, and they've got a few reviews up as well as an Aussie on-line price and retailer guide.. might want to check them out.

Dan has a comparo of 15" LCD screens happening.. the cool thing about LCD's is they have got the naming scheme down pat and a 15" screen has 15" of viewable area putting it up there with a 17" CRT screen.. if you want to spend a little extra for a lot more desk space, then this is the comparo for you!

G3D have a guide up to building your own monitor cooler.. something that I think should be totally unnecessary. A monitor should be well-enough engineered to avoid a requirement for after-market cooling devices.. sure, my monitor gets warm.. but I'd hardly think of putting a cooling device on it. One for the obsessed I s'pose.

Wokkett pointed out this guide to building the world's most advanced laser guided bolt action aluminium spud gun.. hmm, I think anyone who drives down the Western Freeway in Brisbane better watch out after the weekend.. *grin* Also, Yahoo.UK are looking for the world's funniest joke.. Which scientists on nature are looking for as well. (Thanks Craig)

Andy points out that you might want to celebrate the Microsoft decision.

And finalising the off-topic stuff, Ashley has found that German Scientists are finalising a green grenade.. yep, a grenade you can throw without fear of hurting the environment.. the perfect piece of armament for those chained-to-tree's Greenpeace protesters!

Mort points out THG's basic guide to using software RAID.. which is a step down from all the onboard IDE RAID we've seen on motherboards of late.

XOverclocker, the crazy Japanese character has had a chance to test some AXIAR stepping athlons.. unfortunately they are not as good as he'd hoped, but the motherboard is good for 2.3V.. craaaazy Japanese overclockers :)

Finally, Matt points out news on Anandtech of nVidia pressuring third party manufacturers into not producing ATi cards.. you know what that means - the Radeon 8500 must be seriously good. Look what happened with KryoII.. hasn't nVidia's influence castrated that chipset.

Hercules GameTheaterXP on Accelenation.
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MSI 694T Tualatin S370 board on HotHardware.
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Tekcase Galileo modded Lian-Li case on OCPrices.
Antec SX-635 mid-tower case on AMDmb.
2.0GHz P4 on GamersDepot.
OCZ Titan 2 Ultra on 3DSpotlight.

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