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Sunday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-September-2001  23:01:18 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Spent most of this evening sitting around with mates trying to figure out a theme for a party we plan on having.. had some good ones like "sober is NOT an option" and "it's spring: you come, you clean" but I'm sure there are some of you out there who can do better.. whaddya reckon? If you've got a killer theme that'd be cheap to pull off and a bunch of spirits-drinking 2nd-year uni students would like.. let me know!

daDude pointed out this article talking about the ratification of the DOCIS 2.0 standard for cable modems.. it's not going to be here for a long while, but it does mean more potential speed for cable users.. only problem is that DOCSIS 2.0 could support 500Mbps for all it wants.. it'll probably be capped at 10Mbps by cable companies to prevent abuse and remove the need for fatter and more expensive upstream pipes.

El_Bambino points out this competition to win Optus@Home free for a year - including installation! All you need is to be in a coverage area and to own a GSM digital phone.. the way it works is they'll SMS you a question at some random time, and the first person to reply with the correct answer wins. Sounds fairly sweet.

Deejay noticed that adds for MS's upcoming console X-Box are starting to run.. get ready to be drowned in advertising - rumours have it that the advertising budget is H-U-G-E.

Dan found this incredibly bizzare KB article.. heh. There is my amusement for the night. For those that need more, you might want to check out this thread in the forums.. sure, the first page is pretty tame.. but it gets a lot better from there. Finally, if you need a super-hero name Linchpin has the generator for you!

Christian and Elvis pointed out that RealBot 1.0 has been released.. and unlike the RealDoll this one learns! Seriously tho, it's a bot for use in CS - good if you're on a modem or have no friends - or even both! And it's probably the best cs bot there is.

SpodesAbode have been comparing the danger den waterblock against a direct die model to see what's what. Also on direct die cooling, I noticed over in the hardforum that Tom Leufkins of peltier-kit fame has been trying some direct die water cooling of his own - no water block!. Interesting results.

BF noticed this rumour article talking about the release of a 2.0GHz AMD processor based on the Hammer core. The more well-read amongst us will know that Hammer is AMD's 64bit CPU, but sports backwards compatibility with 32bit apps unlike Intel's Itanium.. mean that it's damn sexy *rowl*

TweakTown have an article up covering Microsoft's product activation scheme for WindowsXP.

Finally this evening, Wokkett has found a really, really, really awesome flash game.. This place is a fully operation "zoo" - you make ceratures out of 3 things: mass (which are affected by gravity/friction etc), springs (which contract masses back together) and muscles (which push/pull masses). It's a bit slow on dialup, but still, it rocks. I think Agg has a news post comming as well.. when it rains it pours :)

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