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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-September-2001  23:15:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Richard sent word of a competition where Australians can win a copy of Windows XP.

Intel and VIA have been trading blows for a little while about the legality of VIA's P4X266 chipset - Intel are now obviously taking it fairly seriously, having sued VIA for patent infringement, thanks VooDoo.

Anthony found an article on something I noticed recently and found fairly irritating, the new IE-built-in replacement page for "page not found" errors.

Digit-Life compared a few i850-based Socket432 P4 motherboards - they also have their monthly 3D digest posted for August.

There's a heap of cool new entries in the PCDB.. check out this watercooled monster from Kucho (separate water jackets for GPU and video ram) and SkiDMaN's security door PC. SyntaxPC has an unusual window while Samson_1 has a serious baybus.

CDR-Info checked out a couple of USB 2.0 portable CDRW drives from Teac and Plextor. Digit-life have a similar comparison, with a couple of drives from Acer.

Hehe, I read this news item just as I was strumming my air-guitar to "Sonne" by Rammstein. From McNugget - turns out the new air-guitar world champion was recently crowned - he won himself a real guitar, but I'm not sure what he's supposed to do with that. On that site you can even view his winning performance.. I dunno, I reckon I could do better - I also play air-drumkit and I occasionally try my hand at air-saxaphone.

HardwareQA compared a bunch of 1 or 2RU-compliant CPU coolers, good for those super-thin servers when rackspace == money.

2FastCPU and Computer Chaos both checked out coolers from Thermaltake's Volcano 6Cu line.

From Lujan: I took the XP plunge last night. So far, 12hrs, no hardware problems (it all works), havent tested my cd-burner yet, but my sound card & ata-100 promise card both work, neither of which worked on win2k without third party drivers. I could also immediately put my resolution up to 1600*1200@75Hz, thanks to the fact XP already had a driver for my gf2mx card. Now on to the point of the email. I immediately set about testing the important things under XP. ssh to linux box. yes (I can now do everything except play games) counter-strike. no, no opengl. (long agonising scream) quick check, nope no nvidia drivers for XP immediately visible. Direct3d? 1/4s my framerate. THen I noticed Quake still played perfectly in OpenGL, so did UT, and any UT based game (Deus Ex). wtf was going on. 3dmark. 1878 3dmarks. (yes I know 3dmark is direct3d) w00t, installed latest Nvidia official drivers (12.90) and counter-strike works. 3dmark again, 2303. a marked improvement, and what I used to get under win2k. The moral of this email? Detonators do make a marked difference, to both opengl (quake ran smoother) and Direct3d. (Also, 12.90 dets work under XP, I'll test the 14.20 soonish). Remember we checked out WindowsXP a coupla months ago here.

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