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Late Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 11-September-2001  01:21:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I figure everyone will know by now, so I can say this without spoiling the surprise: Congratulations to Troy Bayliss on becoming 2001 World Superbike Champion! Nice work by the lad from Taree, NSW and of course, Ducati. I'm not a big Ducati fan but they are certainly dominating WSB at the moment.

Yesterday I posted about Intel suing VIA for patent infringement - in classic Corporate Poker style, VIA have responded with "we'll see your Patent Infringement, and raise you Anticompetitive Practises and Willful Destruction of Property!". That's right, VIA is suing Intel now because - get this - Intel don't have licenses from VIA for the P4 processor and i845 chipset. No, you didn't read that wrong. Remember when VIA bought SonicBlue, AKA S3? In doing so they got ownership of several patents which Intel used in creating the P4 and i845. Those lawyers, they're a whacky bunch.. and getting richer by the minute. Here's TheRegister's take on it, thanks Sniper1G.

Just noticed this cool entry in the PCDB, from Abadonn. Lots of pics and info, nice setup.

CaseJunkiez have been playing with pantyhose again.. this time their excuse is using it to filter delta fans on heatsinks.. sure guys, whatever floats your boat..

3 people wrote into say they knew of (or were) people who have had their Optus@Home cable internet access suspended for a month due to running services from their PC - but they all say they were unaware or not running "proper" servers. One person for example had IIS (webserver) loaded on his gateway machine but wasn't serving pages or anything.. are Optus pinging boxes and shutting down those that respond on the appropriate ports? Another person had essentially the same complaint, but with an FTP server task. Might be worth checking your net-connected boxes for any open ports - not a bad idea regardless, but especially as Optus seem to be paying more attention to this kind of thing at the moment.

From Vindaloo: In the west australian newspaper today, the title of the newcoming austin powers flick: GOLDMEMBER !!! ah hahahahaha :) Hehe, I hated the Austin Powers films the first time I saw them.. but now I'm a big fan, they really grew on me. Can't wait for the third one!

VIA have posted their chipset roadmap..

HotHardware reviewed the Gainward GF3 Golden Sample, a very overclocking-friendly GeForce3-based video card. Chainbolt, our man in Japan, checked one out for us months ago right here.

New 4-in-1 drivers for those VIA-chipsetted motherboards, version 4.33 official, thanks to a few peeps for pointing those out.

OtakuPC are comparing an iMac with an iFry.. some kind of BBQ.. or something..

Apparently Intel will kill the P3 on 7th Dec, thanks Sniper1G.

JimX sent in this Acts of Gord website, funny tales from the owner of a video-game shop. Beware, severe time-suckage may occur.. it certainly did for me.

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