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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 11-September-2001  13:53:02 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Seems to be a lot happening in P4 land today, even disregarding the legal shenanigans between Intel and VIA. Intel announced their i845 chipset today, no big surprises there, it's a P4 chipset supporting SDRAM and used to be codenamed "Brookdale". The manufacturers have announced a heap of new boards based on this chipset today too. OCWB are first up to bat with a 4-way i845 motherboard shootout while ComputerSource reviewed the Asus P4B. AcesHardware and Tech-Report both have more technical analyses of the chipset but I note the big two (Anand and Tom) have no mention of it.. which is odd.

A zillion people noticed that NVIDIA have released their Detonator XP v21.81, formerly known as Detonator 4, drivers for their many GPU products. Detonator XP software provides a 30-to-50% increase in performance for all NVIDIA GPUs in both DirectX and OpenGL Application Programming Interfaces (API). In addition, Detonator XP software exposes new hardware acceleration for Windows XP, enabling new features such as 3D textures and shadow buffers. They are for non-XP flavours of Windows too though. NVIDIA's site seems to be only intermittently available, no doubt due to lots of people downloading.. so there's some mirror sites here, here (win9x only), here, here and here. Gary notes I got a small performance increase in 3DMark 2001.  2858max with the 12.90's under Windows XP to 2955 with the 21.81's using a GF2MX.

Lombers spotted this AthlonMP Tower of Power, very sexy.

OCrCafe have a Goo Revioo.. a thermal paste roundup.

Spodes have a fairly basic guide to overclocking video cards.

From V8R: Intel have also got very tight on pricing.. A P4 1.7Ghz chip costs $8 LESS than a 1Ghz P3, and a P4 1.6Ghz is only $2 more than a 933 P3. That give u an indication of what their strategy is.. These prices are a whole sale comparison, so, u shouldnt see much difference retail wise.

Hexus have sneak pics of Abit's GF3 video card.

Tony thought that readers with long memories might be interested in this article about AmigaDE, aka Amiga OS5.. maybe another emerge-from-the-flames Amiga option. This time the OS is platform independent and the article discusses how it can co-exist with Linux among other things.

Sound Blaster Audigy new sound card on 3DSS, thanks SK.
D-Link DMP-90 MP3 player on 8balls.
Swiftech MCX-370 socket cooler on AMDMB.
Zalman 5000 socket cooler on ChillBlast.
Swiftech MXC-370 0A socket cooler on Radeonic.
Volcano 6cu+ socket cooler on OCPlus.
Vantec CCK-6035D socket cooler on Tweaktown.
V8 Cooler socket cooler.. kinda weird, on MrPCPro.

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