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Early Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 14-September-2001  00:52:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AnandTech have an i850 motherboard roundup posted. This chipset is of course Intel's main P4 one, using RAMBUS memory. They also have a review and roundup of Intel's i845 SDRAM-based P4 chipset which was only announced a few days ago.

There's been a lot of discussion about one of Nostradamus's prophecies predicting the World Trade Centre disaster in the USA - there's even a thread here in our new Media & Current Events forum and I've received it in email a few times. However in this other thread, Little_D points out this page which does a good job of debunking the theory. Here's a TheRegister article which debunks more myths about the terrorist activity. On a different but related note, there's a touching message here in the forums from an American reader thanking Australians for their support. Moldy sent this link to pictures from space of the smoke plume from New York.

Kazashi sent word of this teeny-tiny PC..

Here's a funny IBM ad video, thanks Lujan.

Alchemy spotted this TheRegister article saying not everyone is happy with the up-coming Compaq & HP merger.

Interesting thoughts from Isaac.. it's a quiet day on the news front so I'll just quote the whole thing: I thought about this recently, and came up with some figures. These are based on UK prices, but the content is still of interest worldwide. 3 GB/month limit on your broadband connection with Telstra. In the UK you'd pay 40 per month with 150 installation for a 512kbit ADSL line. So, you're paying 40 for 3GB. In the UK, you can get anytime freephone analogue modem access for 13 per month. So far, so normal. However, if you were to leave an analogue modem connected for the entire month, you'd pay 13 for 15GB!!! ie, you'd pay one third as much for five times as much data. If you take the 3GB limit, and divide that by the amount of time in a month (assuming there to be 31 days in a month), you get an average speed of 1.1 KB/sec, as opposed to 5 (conservative estimate) on an analogue modem. The upshot of this of course being, that if you're downloading immense amounts of data, rather ludicrously, you're better off with an analogue modem. And Finally, pity the poor people who signed up in the UK with Kingston Communications. They set a 700MB/month cap.

From Paul, a funny/insightful article about DragonCon, a huge science-fiction convention. Also, Bobby Fischer, mysterious chess grand master, has apparently been playing anonymously on the internet despite being in exile.

Abit KG7-RAID SocketA DDR mobo on PimpRig (?).
Abit TH7-RAID i850-based P4 motherboard on Rolotech.

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