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Saturday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 15-September-2001  19:23:39 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

News has been a little slow lately.. as you can imagine. Everyone is a little saddened by the whole WTC thing, I noticed Hard|OCP had their page down today in respect to the day of mourning. It's all very depressing.. but getting your mind off things helps.. so see if this does the trick :)

GideonTech have checked out the Super Power Zephyr, a fairly average looking case that I'm sure I've seen at a swap meet or two.

Kyocera pointed out another only-im-America.. a Palm Pilot VIIx made from 50 pounds of butter.. heh. Not really a top pocket job I'd say.

Digit-Life have posted part one of their socket-478 i845 roundup. Some people have been declaring the i845 chipset the 'new i440BX' chipset that we all grew to love.. well, maybe it is.. but not in the PC133 SDRAM configuration. I'll hold final judgement until it's been released, but right now i845 motherboards sort of seem like a 1.3L 4cyl motor for your shiny new Ferrari.

Accelenation have been to ECTS2001 in London.. which I'm guessing is one of those local industry fairs.. sort of like Comdex on a smaller scale.

Remember the song 'video killed the radio star' ? Well.. Freaek points out internet killed the video star.. hehehe. It's your turn video - die! *smack*

HWExtreme have checked out the Wahoo Viper, a rather weird name for a rather expensive modded case.. it works its way up from a Lian Li PC60.

FoderMe points out that the OCAU Seti@Home team is getting very close to the 100,000 units milestone.. all Seti users might want to head over to the Team OCAU forum to celebrate.

SysOpt have checked out the ECS AG315T, a video card based on the new 315 chipset from SiS.. it's rather swish with all the latest T&L features and a full 32bit pipelined 3D graphics core. SiS seems to be bringing out some decent performing gear of late.. I'll be heading over to SysOpt for a read to see how it goes. Good for those on a budget :)

RojakPot has a bit of news up concerning Abit's upcoming Intel and AMD motherboards based on pretty much all of the available chipsets. They've yet to release another KT7-esque board, even tho the KG7 seems pretty strong it hasn't experienced the mass popularity of KT7. I s'pose we'll soon find out.

Luke points out that over on OzQuake.com you can buy 3Gb Caps.. hehehe, rather amusing.. The message on the front reads I signed with Tel$tra for unlimited internet but all I got was this lousy 3Gb Cap!

Finally tonight, XG8 points out that the rather popular TweakFiles site will be following 3Dfiles and closing their doors.. due to decreasing add revenue their hosts C|Net and Gamespot have pulled their hosting as of today. Not too friendly.. but I suppose you get that. Sorry to see you go guys.. you had a good run.

Nanotherm Thermal Paste on ClubOC.
Swiftech MC462B-A on BSOD.
Just Cooler P-8000 on OCPlus.

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