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Saturday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 15-September-2001  23:33:05 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Happy birthday ReaX!

There seems to be large chunks of the Oz internet not working properly at the moment, so if these links don't work when you try them, maybe try them again a bit later.. maybe a dead router somewhere.

If you use a shared PC to access the OCAU Forums, such as one at TAFE, Uni or a Net Cafe, make sure you LOG OUT when you're finished! Otherwise the next person to use that PC might be able to log into the forums as you due to the wonders of cookies. A malicious user could then change your password, post messages as you or change your UserCP settings to something unpleasant - as happened to a forum user recently. Remember: shared PC, log out!

GameSpot have a preview of the Return To Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer beta test which is due out soon and will no doubt suck away all our spare time over the next few weeks.. they also note that Microsoft have removed the World Trade Center from Flight Simulator.

MWP noticed this article on Slashdot explaining how their servers coped with the load of traffic related to the terrorist attacks in the US, when many high-profile sites such as CNN and MSNBC went down. LWD have an article written by someone who survived the attacks despite being caught in an elevator in one of the WTC towers.

Stuart noticed these pictures of the upcoming Gigabyte dual SocketA motherboard.. Jeremy noticed it here on AkibaPC.

A few more people have complained of having their Optus@Home cable access suspended for running servers.. which they felt was unjustified. In one instance a basic install of Win2K Server had IIS running, open port 80, goodbye 2 weeks of cable access. Leo mentioned he thought it was only for servers which showed themselves to be compromised by virii (by trying to contact other servers) but the other stories I'm hearing seem to contradict that. Regardless, if you're on Optus@Home, make sure you don't have any ports open - it's a good idea from a security perspective regardless.

I went and checked out my Yamaha R6 today, in bits after I blew up the motor about a month ago.. posted some sad pics of it in bits in the Motoring forum.

Apparently SiS's 735 chipset, which already looks pretty attractive, will support the upcoming 333Mhz FSB Athlons, thanks Dennis_B.

There's been quite a lot of activity in the PCDB lately.. nothing that really grabbed my eye but you can check out the recent entries to the gallery here.

From Danny: I am writing to you to advise you of possible fraud in process. There are number of people selling ASUS GeForce3 Deluxe cards on eBay.com.au, but after the money is transferred into their account, person and that email address ( @bigpond.net.au ) disappear. I have transferred $1000 into account of (someone)@bigpond.net.au on Monday 10/09/2001, but after a couple of days when I tried to e-mail that person, message came back saying that account does not exists any more! The latest auction for the same cards appeared yesterday, this time the address is (someone else)@bigpond.net.au. In fact, that auction has now been closed prematurely by eBay. I believe there are more victims as this persons are "selling" cards for a half price ($450). I have advised Internet Police and BigPond, but I urge you to warn Australian (overclocking) public of this scam. Sigh, I hate this kinda stuff. As always, caveat emptor, but especially so on the net where some people hide behind the (relative) anonymity it provides.

Vantec CCK-6027D socket cooler on ClubOC.
OCZ Titan III GeForce3-based video card on Guru3D.

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