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Sunday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 16-September-2001  20:57:46 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

The most interesting thing tonight is most definitely this video over on TomsHardware.de.. it shows footage of testers removing the hs/f assembly from a few PC's running a Q3 loop. A 1.4GHz TBird, a 1.2GHz Palomino, 1.0GHz CUmine and a 2.0GHz P4 socket 423 all cop the treatment, and with very interesting consequences. The Intel CPU's don't get above 38 degrees and survive.. whereas both AMD CPU's head right up to 300 degrees, kill the motherboard and smoke themselves up pretty badly. Which is kind of strange.. I thought the Palomino had a thermal sensor to prevent this kind of thing? Anyway, thanks to Gary for pointing it out.

A new version of smoothwall, the popular linux distribution a lot of people in the forums are using to run internet gateway machines was released today.. it's at version 0.9.9 now.. getting close to that elusive 1.0. They need aussie mirrors, so if you've got a bit of bandwidth to throw around I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

James points out this funky lookin' rack mount cases.. they are doing things a bit different from the norm and they are bright purple and have all the ports at the front.. It seems good at first, but then you realise that some ports (like the LAN connectors) are best left at the bottom of the box.. another thing that gets me: they have low-profile M64 video cards that'll fit in their cases.. sure, a M64 is underpowered.. but it's waaaay overpowered for a rackmount server.

BlueSmoke have updated their case gallery, meanwhile our PCDB is constantly being updated by the users themselves.. in fact, I'm sure a few of BlueSmoke's entries also feature in the PCDB. It's grown well since MWP put it together a while ago now.

Accelenation have got the scoop of the first production motherboard based on VIA's P4X266 DDR chipset for the P4.. the Shuttle AV40. They're going out on a limb and spiting Intel by doing this, but I reckon it's going to pull off for them.. it'll sell like hotcakes if it has the price/performance ratio down pat.

As a show of compassion towards the victims of the World Trade Centre disaster, CoolerGuys and Thermaltake are going to donate all the proceeds from the sale of 1,000 Tt Volcano 6u+ heatsinks to the Red Cross.. that means that if all of the hs/f's get sold by September 23rd the Red Cross gets $20,000US. Not bad at all..

If you can tell ExplosiveHardware why you think you should win a Vantec 6035D heatsink, and you give them the best answer, they'll give it to you.

Bravo pointed out this guide over on overclockers.com to building a water flow meter for your water cooled system.. it's rather cool, it monitors the flow of water in your system, and should it stop it can flash an LED, sound a peizo alarm or whatever else you can think of wiring it up to. There was also talk in the article of wiring it into a RPM header on a motherboard, from which point it could shut the system down safely with software. Very usefull.

Over in the extreme cooling forum mimi74 has a thread covering his (her?) new Peltier/Water cooled GeForce3.. looks very very good mate, nice work!

Finally tonight, over on an Angelfire site there are some screen grabs from the upcomming Unreal 2. Of course, most of you should of picked up from the URL that this is to be taken with extreme doses of salt, but nevertheless.

Abit Siluro GF3 ViVo on Digit-Life.
1GHz AHYJA Athlon on AtlantaOC.
Thermalright SK-6 on 8Balls.
Seagate Baracude IV ATA/100 Hard-Drive on BlargOC.
AVGS Cyber Mirror mini server case on RipNet.
EPoX 8KHA KT266 on TweakTown.
ECS K75SA SiS735 board also on TweakTown.
EPoX 8K7A AMD760 board on MikhailTech.

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