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Tuesday Morning.. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 18-September-2001  11:34:06 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Over in the forums yesterday I noticed this thread by lucaz pointing to a linux-style FAQ: How to ask questions the smart way. It's something I reckon almost all of us need to read, because not only will it help you get your answers, it'll make the people giving them to you happier as well. Highly recomended.

Murder1 just right now pointed out to me news that Counter-Strike 1.3 will be released in the US on Wednesday.. which means early Thursday morning for us. They've put out a call for mirrors, because I bet they'll need them ;) Over at files.ausgamers they managed to do 200Gb of traffic yesterday, mostly on the Wolfenstien test.. they're going to do a hell of a lot more on CS, I know it.

Matt pointed out that Wiretapped is hosting an Australian mirror of the popular smoothwall linux distribution. Might be a bit faster :)

Gary points out these rather beefy heatsinks over on Akiba.. the thing that got me tho, he said that he picked one up at a Sunday Computer Market for just $35.. crazy. Be interested to find out what the performance of it is.

ViaHardware has checked out a rather hardcore Dual Tualatin motherboard from IWill.. the DVD266u-RN. Not only does it support two Tualatins, it also supports DDR RAM, and sports on-board Digital 5.1 sound, on-board LAN controller and a Highpoint 370 RAID controller. Add a pair of Tualatin-S CPU's and you have hardcore indeed. Accelenation has done the same.

Farrod pointed out this tool which is not unlike WCPEDIT for windows, except, it's not called WCPEDIT, it's called PowerTweak and it's for Linux. So you can, as he puts it, tweak like a demon.

Finally, you might want to head over to files.ausgamers and download some of the short films that BMW had commisioned for them.. they are seriously cool. If you are bandwidth-challanged then number four is my favourite. Most definitely worthy of part of your download quota.

Counter-Strike 1.3 in a few days! Wooooooo!!!!!

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