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Thursday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 20-September-2001  18:38:55 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Well, the Australian internet has slowed to a crawl today with the launch of Counter Strike v1.3. There's a list of mirrors linked from here on the official site and another list here in our forums with an emphasis on Oz mirrors. Speaking of the forums, they're running pretty slow today, no doubt partly because AusGamers who now host them are running a CS1.3 mirror too. Having said that though, the whole net seems sluggish, I'm even getting timeouts trying to get mail from Odin and loading this news page took a while. Some complaints of slow access to overseas sites in the forums too. I wonder if the Nimda virus is chewing up bandwidth too.. UPDATE Ah-ha! K@OS sent this: Began Thursday, 20 September 2001 at 3:39PM EST. We are currently having problems with BigPond . This is affecting customers nationally, they will experience a delay connecting to international sites. the cause is a submarine cable has been cut between China and the USA.Technicians are treating this issue as a priority and are working on the problem Updated at 20/09/01 5:19PM EST.. You can see the effect globally here.. the net is not well.

The (apparently) woeful state of Telstra's network is now being used as a political tool by the Federal Opposition, thanks Sniper1G. Ricoselit noticed this not-too-favourable TheRegister article about Ziggy Switkowsky, Telstra CEO.

H:6 have a newbie guide to installing a socketA CPU. They advocate using a screwdriver to fit the heatsink - that works fine for many heatsinks, but some clips just don't fit screwdrivers or allow the screwdriver to slip off with sometimes disastrous consequences. Take your time and be careful!

A couple of tidy blue boxes from halcorp2001 and Skeg in the PCDB.

Evangelion is trying to organise a Tribes2 server over in Western Australia. He's got the box and everything ready to go, but the ISP says there's not enough interest in Tribes2 in WA to bother putting the server in for them - but perhaps a petition to show some support would help their cause. So, if you think a Tribes2 server in WA is a good idea, go to this petition and sign up.

FelixDaChat had a hunt around for some front access panels with firewire.. and he found some: here, here and here.

Digit-Life have their August 2001 Storage Digest posted. A good site if you're keen to find out about HDD's etc is StorageReview.

Digit-Life have also put up their take on SMP SocketA with benchmarks and heaps of info as per usual from them. Hardware-test also have a review of the Tyan Thunder MP dual SocketA board. Check out our pictorial preview of the Thunder K7 board from back in June.. which was such a popular article it ended up killing our webserver. :)

Haroc sent an email saying simply GLOW TAPE! ..and that's pretty much all I've got to say about it too.

Dmband sent in this article about robo-roaches. Hmm, seems a bit cruel.. but then, I've killed more than my fair share of roaches I guess. Anyway, last night I was cruising around the net with the intent of confirming or dispelling the common "Daddy-Long-Legs spiders are the most toxic in the world" claim. I found this list of Australian Venomous Creatures with info and pics etc.. interesting/useful. It says this about the Daddy-Long-Legs spider: Despite the urban myth regarding its extreme toxicity, little is known of the venom of this spider. This is backed up on this page which essentially says they can't open their mouths wide enough to bite people, so nobody's ever bothered to see if their venom is toxic or not. So, there's no proof to support the claim that they are the most toxic. However, and this interesting fact is noted both on the previous link and on this one, Daddy Long-Legs spiders are one of the primary predators of the very venomous Redback spider. So bear that in mind next time you go to suck one into the vacuum cleaner. :) Some cool super-closeup spider pics I took when experimenting with my Nikon ages ago: 1, 2, 3.

I have to say, the current "finding hidden meaning in every string of numbers related to the WTC attack by converting it to Wingdings font" craze is, well, crazy. Even more stupid than the Nostradamus thing we showed to be a crock a few days ago. :)

Philips Acoustic Edge sound card on OCAddiction.
Promise FastTrak100 TX2 Pro IDE RAID controller on Xbit.
Samsung 16X DVD drive on IANAG.
Abit KG7 socketA DDR motherboard on OCNZ.
AOpen HQ08 fulltower case on PCFusion. There's about a billion modified HQ and HX08's (different front) in the PCDB. :)

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