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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 21-September-2001  00:04:13 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

I've been having a browse through the PCDB this evening.. can't say that I've ever done that before. It's been rather interesting tho, there is a lot of cool stuff in there.. like this case modded with Chinese insignia cut into the side from ProphetCHRIS, or this Linux gateway machine in a brief case by Burn. Then there are a couple of proprietary machines.. like Radix' Netpliance iOpener, a Sun E450 server or Shintaro's really really cool Allanon BeBox with swanky LEDS on the front showing CPU usage. All up that managed to kill at least a half hour of my time, and I found some really cool shiznit in the process. Recommended :oP

PCStats have some info concerning the upcoming Radeon8500 GPU.. I reckon that it's going to be whooping some serious ass by the time it hits the streets, giving the GF3 a good run for it's money. Another thing that a lot of people who cashed in on the 22" Gateway deal have mentioned to be is how crap nVidia 2D quality is in their humble opinion.. and how much better the ATI quality is. A good all-round card will definitely strike a cord I think.

BSOD has checked out the Everglide range of products.. which we did quite a while ago.. (for those that are a bit slow.. every word there is it's own link)

Kyrocera pointed out that some new Matrox WHQL drivers have just been released.

Hexus is talking about the P4 as a budget platform.. well, a more affordable platform than it once was... which, compared to it's previous status as a prohibitively expensive platform, is probably fair. It's hardly budget tho.. has anyone seen Celeron prices these days? cheep cheep.

G3D have checked out the Chilli Professional solid-aluminium cases.. IMHO they are quite swanky bits of kit that I'd love to get my hands on.. problem is, the manufacturer went broke so I'm guessing they're selling out some old stock.. so the chances of an Australian distributor are very low.

MikhailTech have checked out a few HDD Coolers.. we've done the same here and here. I think I might need to look into some cooling myself.. my pair of Western Digital 300BB's keep my case temp up around 42deg!

Finally, Nemesis pointed out this front-panel drive bay port relocate thingy, not too the ones Agg linked to in the previous post. He says greetings from Spain too btw - G'day Mate ;)

Elsa Gladiac 511 PCI and AGP GF2MX cards on Radeonic.
Samsung ML1561N Laser-Printer on PCStats.
Project Sapphire Pt 2 case-mod project on Bit-Tech.
TweakMonster Purple AMD Shim on AtlantaOC.
80mm Fan Adaptor on PCTools, our reviews here and here.

Just realised how much self-pimpage there is in this news post.. hehehe. S'pose it will keep you busy until the forums come back up :)

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