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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 23-September-2001  23:31:34 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Dan has added to his already-massive cooler comparo taking the total number of hs/f's to be tested to 59.. This update includes the huge-fanned OCZ Dominator, three Bitspower skived-sink models including an excellent low-profile unit, the Thermaltake Volcano 5 (which is almost as good as the Volcano 6 models), the neat, quiet Glacial Tech Igloo 2300, and a cooler made for the Via C3 which has no fan at all.

This from phattman.. I was an entrant of Brisbane Auto Salon (Rice car heaven) saw a few OCAU shirts and had a yarn to a couple. Best excuse was they were looking for new ideas for case mods! Crappish show - my Civic nearly got the most powerful FWD turbo with only 114Kw at the wheels (only 8psi) while some gay airbrushed thing ran 35psi and got 118kw... Doh. Heh, oh dear. I knew those case modders where secretly rice at heart.

AgentJ pointed out this article over on GameSpy which talks about the effect the September 11 WTC tragedy is having on.. the computer games industry? Of course, anyone who has studied economics (like me!) will know that it's called the multiplier effect, and it's bad. mmmmkay.

Anyone with an ATI card that was experiencing over-flow errors when playing CS 1.3 with the OpenGL API might want to head over to CS.net to grab a patch that will fix that issue.. thanks to XG8 for the heads up. I've been playing a bit of CS 1.3 lately.. it's cool. That voice communication thing is a good/bad tho.. good on semi-private servers because it allows quicker and more efficient communication, bad on public servers because all you hear is 12yo Aaron Carter voices saying "I OWNZ J00!!".

Torana found this page with a whole heap of server-class goodies on it. I know I don't need them.. but I'm sure I could find a use for them, even if it is only desk ricing. Speaking of desks, I'm on the look out for a new chair.. I've had enough of my plastic chair stolen from a dodgy dining table set. If anyone in Brisbane knows of a decent place to buy a good typists/clerical chair for under $160 please let me know. I'd really appreciate it - thanks :)

Kola points out that Creative has a release schedule up for their WindowsXP Sound Blaster drivers.

MMMMmmmm, toys. You lucky man woofer2 :)

Finally, Wokket pointed out this Socio-Political analysis of The Smurfs.. which takes the piss (naturally). Amusing.

Corsair PC150 SDRAM on AtlantaOC, our review of the PC133 here.
AOpen HX08 on TacoNuts, approximately 50,000 (at last count) of these in the PCDB.
Cold Cathode case-light kit on ClubOC.
80mm fan roundup on BSOD.
Rheobus / Case quietening article on Bit-Tech, our RheoBus review here and Digi-Doc here.
DIY Copper Waterblocks on Digital-Explosion. A few waterblocks in our review list.
FrontX Multimedia Ports on SpodesAbode, our review here.

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