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Monday night, where did my weekend go? (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 24-September-2001  21:08:54 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

I'm sure it was Friday night just five minutes ago. *sigh* Oh well... anyway, if you want to live life through the eyes of Sciby, the you need to listen to the Fuel - Sunburn album, whilst reading the news, to get the full, Sciby-licious effect.

And on with the news. *air guitar solo*

With the highly, unh, suggestive domain name of http://www.bong.com.au (The Brotherhood Of Network Gamers), we have word of a Lan day, with 80 or so places left... apparently it's close to the Nepean River (which I've never heard of, but *shrug* meh) in/near Sydney, so if you're in that area, the LAN is on the 13th of October. Check out the details.

Dr. Rabbit in the forums has started a thread on how to attach a Slot 1 HSF to a S370 Slocket. Nicely done, looks like it could crush kittens.

Here's Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in Lego, apparently, from YYK via Agg. Dunno if it works, don't have broadband here. Give it a whirl, if it doesn't work, let us know.

Hooooo baby: Pure Rice Goodness. This is from the Auto Salon Show in Brisbane. Personally, I think it's wrong, Daewoo Lanos' are not supposed to look like this. Wrong, very wrong.

These are rather neat, albeit another mod for casemodders to wet themselves over.

It seems that the Smurfs are rather evil. Papa Smurf is a naughty smurf.

Edition #98 of ZZZ Online is out. Full of it's usual weird, yet interesting stuff, including a laser chewing gum scrapper.

Rated PC has put together a quick article on quantum computing. Most exciting stuff.

The CPU and Memory watch has been updated on SystemLogic, note: they be US prices, folks.

As a bit of an armchair fighter pilot myself, this, really bakes my cookies. *dribbles excitedly*
Across the Tasman, to our sheep-frolicking cousins at Overclockers NZ, people have been busy in the forums: A very cool PSU (sexy, thinking about doing this myself), and rounded cables wrapped in heatshrink tubing. Clever shtuff.

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix!!! (Need I say more?? Oh okay, it's just a preview.)

PCMods Reostat at Bit-Tech.
Archos Jukebox Recorder and Player at Rated PC.
Silver Rounded Cables at 2FastCpu.
Soyo SYK7V "Dragon" motherboard at HardOCP.
AMD 1ghz Duron (Morgan) CPU again, at HardOCP.
Franklin e-Bookman Multipurpose PDA at Electric.Com.
HighSpeedPC AGP Airlift at AtlantaOC.

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