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Wednesday night... I've had my Nigella fix for the week. Oooooooh yeeeeah. (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 26-September-2001  21:34:42 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

She's a fox. For those who care, the ScibyVision tracks for tonight are: "Operator" by Jim Croce, "Scratched" Etienne De Crecy and "Here comes the flood" by Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp. Right. Now, news.

From Deejay:
Hi guys, I thought the readers might want to know that there is a likelihood of being a bad batch of Boston Acoustics BA735 USB speakers, which was a part of the "Gateway leaving Australia" sale.

If anyone has received a set of these speakers and has had problems with the power adapter not staying in place at the back of the sub and the speakers not having power at all, then they should contact Gateway ASAP 1300 301 672. Also they can contact me via email and I will collate a list of people affected so I can feed this back to Gateway :)

Also there aren't any Windows 2000 drivers listed on the gateway website for these speakers. I had to get these from tech support.
I have a copy of these drivers, and people can email me for them if they want to run these speakers on Windows 2000.

So there you go. If you've got BA735 speakers and they no go, then call that number.

This is rather clever: Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes. What witty nerds there are out there. Ta, theDriver.

Microsoft is helping to show the world that New York is still open for business, even with the aftermath of the attacks still ongoing.

OtakuPC has written an article on decent mouse ergonomic toys, such as Mouse Skates and the Cord-Holder-Thingy.

Dual CPU's are nice. We at OCAU, we like dual things. We like this very fast dual setup from Scriion. Me wantee.

This case here would confuse the hell out of any non-l33t, non-case modding techo that had to do any work on it. Check out the PSU. ATX into mATX space.

This bit from JimX, (Hi Jim! *waves*), Suzuki has released a superbike with four wheels. Revs to 10'000 rpm. Again, me wantee.

Sick of people cheating in Counter-strike? Well, sign this petition to help convince Valve Software to work with the makers of Punkbuster to help rid Half-life and CS of damn cheaters. Damn their hides.

More news later. *throws ball to Alchemy*

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