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Thursday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 27-September-2001  22:58:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a nasty new virus going around (isn't there always?) .. this one uses the WTC tragedy to try and trick people into running the attachment. Of course, you're not silly enough to run mysterious email attachments, so you don't need to worry. Speaking of which, I seem to be getting a lot of SirCam emails again..

In relation to Afghanistan, US President Bush has said Osama Bin Laden is definitely to blame but there won't be all-out war against Afghanistan, but a concerted effort to overthrow the Taliban and bring harboured terrorists to justice.

g00n pointed out this disturbing news regarding Phil Zimmerman, he who wrote the PGP encryption program that firstly landed him in jail but eventually brought strong encryption to the masses. Some loonies are apparently blaming him for the WTC attacks, saying that without strong encryption the coordination messages would have been spotted earlier. That is just lunacy. Firstly, if the USA's security infrastructure failed to notice an army of terrorists training and learning to fly within their borders, how are they supposed to pick up on a few (no doubt cryptically-worded) emails? That's worse than blaming Boeing for making the aircraft or the petrol companies for making their fuel burn hot enough to structurally weaken buildings. Grasping at straws while griefstricken is one thing, pointing fingers at random is another. Every time you buy something over the net or submit your details securely you have Phil Z to thank for forcing policy regarding strong encryption to change.

Speaking of which, Australian Internet security is getting some attention today. This is kind've a mess of links but you should be able to filter out the good stuff. The National Office for the Information Economy is a Govt department apparently helping Australians create a world-class online economy and society through its work developing, overseeing, and coordinating Commonwealth Government policy on electronic commerce, online services and the Internet. I'm on the Attorney-General's press-release mailing list and today there have been announcements regarding electronic security, new espionage laws and new legislation allowing investigators to intercept telecommunications with regards certain types of investigations. Info on the new cyber-crime laws on AustralianIT.. more info and background on 2600.org.au.

OCrCafe want to tell you all about rheostats. I checked out the sexy Rheobus Fan Controller a little while ago.

Dynatron socket coolers on Case Modders Oz.
Bits Power socket coolers on GideonTech.

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