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Saturday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 29-September-2001  23:48:21 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Top news tonight comes care of VooDoo and Iroquois.. Punk Buster will live on.. Erik Johnson of Valve has said "..Working together with the whole Half-Life community on any kind of cheat prevention software just seems like time well spent." Indeed it is.. can't wait to see an even better version of PB soon.

In response to my "there is nothing to rant about" comment in my last post Paul has sent in this link to a rather sweet case featured in our Case Mods forum and PCDB. Love the fan duct :)

Just as well Optus bought out Excite's share of Optus@Home.. Excite@Home just filed for bankruptcy under American law.. it's intended to prevent any disruption to their user's service.. but I don't see how a bankrupt provider can mean anything but.

Matthew pointed out this site that we have no-doubt linked to before, but keeping in the spirit of posting things twice I'm giving it another run. Notice how haphazard the caffeine web is? Heh. *munches on another Viking bar*

VR-Zone has an incredibly short blurb concerning the SiS735 chipset.. a new board for it will be out soon, and unlike the only SiS735 board out atm (by ECS), this new board (by Leadtek) will feature all the OC features you're addicted to.

Rob points out yet another reason not to trust Microsoft.. and we here at OCAU agree whole-heartedly. Windows never, debian forever *pokes out tongue*

Guru3D have released an updated version of their GeForceAASet tool, now at version 1.4

Chris points out this 'Reg article discussing the upcoming release of desktop Palomino's.. or AthlonXP's as they'll be known, Model numbers and all. Yick. Fastest one is 1.53GHz which is rather toasty, but if only they had desktop versions without the stupid name. Not that it makes *thaaat* much difference, but trying to explain to a layman that you overclocked your AthlonXP "Model 1800 Plus" to 1700MHz just doesn't appeal to me.

Apparently there is going to be a new orb out soon.. this time a crystal orb which is designed for chipset cooling, to go with their already-existing Blue and Orange orbs.

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