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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 4-October-2001  22:58:07 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Mmmmm, I love Uni assignments. Especially when you have lots of them due, all at once. And you haven't even started them. I love them so much, in fact, that I had to write assignments instead of news.

Auenf points out this page on Intel.com showing off a 1.2GHz Celeron processor obviously based on the Tualatin core due to a 0.13u die process. The really cool part tho is the 256kb of level two cache.. value processor indeed ~cough~. Intel is really going to be taking completion up to AMD in the next six months.

VooDoo pointed out the longest play time stats from his MOS CS server. All I can say is harrrrrd-core. Eight days, Thirteen hours, and fifty-four minutes. Crazy. For those sceptics, Half-Life will auto-timeout clients that don't play as a part of the game.. and that includes playing over map changes. It would of been possible to just have a person using the same nick on the same connection there for 8days+, but that is still a pretty impressive feat.

Alchemist points out info over on CD-R info.com concerning AOpen CRW1632 16X burners.. apparently they are physically identical to the 2010 20X burners, all that's different is the firmware... which you can flash yourself. Mmmm, an extra 4x burn speed for free. Which is quite a lot really. I happen to own a Ricoh MP7040A which enjoys a similar capability.. it's a 4X drive able to be flashed to a 6X drive. Quite cool, really.

Just on burners, the a new version of the deservedly popular Nero Burning ROM CD-R/W authoring program has been released.. now at If you want more news about it Electic has it here.

PCHardware.ro has a fair sized cooler roundup going with 22 heatsinks compared.. which is one more than our 21-way roundup from a while ago. Sure, theirs may be bigger and more recent.. but there ain't nothin like a home cooked meal, pah. *slaps thighs and polishes gun rack*

Visiontek is the first on the market with GeForce Ti boards, with 3DSpotlight having the prices for them already!

If you happen to work in a PC store and have got your dirty paws on a copy of WindowsXP before the rest of us do then you'd be interested in TweakXP, a site dedicated to, uhh, tweaking Windows XP which was pointed out to me by Mark. Lots of swanky little mods you can perform to customize WinXP. Of course, if you don't work in a PC store then where the heck did you get your copy of XP from? ;p

The guys over at HardOCP are running an Auction on their brother-site Hypothermia to benefit the sufferers of the September 11 WTC tragedy.. they've got five 1.4GHz+ DDR systems up for auction, as well as a heap of other stuff, with all the proceeds going to help the victims. Nice work guys.. Any of our American readers might like to have a look in, but shipping+currency for us Aussies is a bit steep.

DesignTechnica has taken a look at a new Bang+Olfusen technology allowing the operation of multiple video and audio sources through a common network.. sort of the first step towards full home automation. If anyone can do it right, my bets are on it being B+O.. they make some damn sexy gear.

Want a cooler? Have an email address? Don't have money? Do have strangely good luck in winning every competition you enter? Click here to win one.

Finally tonight, more free stuff a little more locally from AcidHardware. Once again, all you need is an email address and the brain power to answer a simple question. Crucial PC133 and PC2100 ram will be your reward shall you be the chosen entrant to partake in the given bounty.

I'm all weirder out after being awake way-way-way too long finishing assignments at the death knock. G'night.

Antec SX830 on AwareMag.
Rheobus Construction Guide on OCmod.
Philips MMS305 Multimedia Speakers on SourceMag.
Crucial PC2100 256Mb DDR Stick on MikhailTech.
NEC NR-7800A 16X ATAPI CD-RW on Bench-House.
Belkin Cable/DSL Router on NewsForge.
Spire ST060B1H3R heatsink-with-silly-name on FrostyTech.
ECS K7S5A SiS735 board on X-Bit Labs.

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